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Tips On Dealing With a Stalker

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How to learn dealing with a stalker

  • The most important thing to do is to tell him or her in a soft and instantly recognizable manner to stop their behaviour, keep in mind to tell them only ONCE. a Stalker wants a response from you. Dry up their fascination similar to famishing a fire by means of depriving it of oxygen.
  • Return any unopened mail.
  • Use an answering machine on your old number to preserve any evidence of harassing.
  • Never delete emails. Keep them in a separate folder to use it as evidence.
  • Call the police. Call them if you are concerned and not because you have already been threatened.
  • Make use of a Restraining Order; Seek help from your local police department, attorney or court system to find out how to initiate them.

Things to install for dealing with a stalker:

· Equip your house with CCTV or alarm system.

· Make sure that you have a good, dead bolt and deeply set door locks.

· Consider a dog. Dogs can be tremendously effective for our safety and security.

· Consider preparing self-defense equipment such as pepper spray, firearm and civilian Tasers.

Self-protection measures to consider when dealing with a stalker:

  • Document everything that happens. If they breathe, write it down. If you have noticed them following you, then try to take photos of them. This can be valuable evidence. Stalkers have slippery characters and frequently flee the sight before the law comes but if you stay watchful, you are able to catch them beforehand. Keep the letters, answering machine messages, and do not delete photos of a damaged property and affidavits from the eyewitnesses.
  • Do not give up because you are not alone. Do some measures by making a complaint to the police and search for local support counselling and groups. You will be able to find people that do not only help you through criminal justice but also to process your rights as a victim of stalking. It is not recommended to see or talk with the victim alone, surround you with reliable people as much as possible.
  • Get a private post office box. Having a private post office box will stop your private information that will possibly fall the hands of your stalker.
  • Tell your friends, family, co-workers and employer to be on alert to anyone who has been asking for personal information about you. If you have a description and a photo of them that includes the car registration and description, make sure that everyone you know has a copy. Always include your neighbours and family in this activity to have a huge support at a time like this.
  • Never blame yourself because the incident is not your fault. Stalkers are outcasts and mentally ill people who do nothing but stalk and threat victims.
  • If you have been threatened already and you feel like you are at risk for a physical danger, then immediately apply for a restraining order. This will stop the stalker from having any contact with you. You can pay for a legal adviser, lawyer and the courts. Always refer your situation to the professionals because each country and state has different laws pertaining to stalking. A lot of stalkers pay no attention to these orders. But, given the fact that you did something, he or she can be arrested.
  • Protect accounts and passwords, since stalkers have been recognized to cancel credit cards or withdraw money. Change your emails, if you are transacting online and cancel accounts. Also try to avoid chat rooms, since chat rooms are popular place in hunting ground for stalkers. The arrival of the Internet has become the convenient method of stalkers to communicate with unwary victims without knowing who they are. They use fake IDs and names. For naive people, this has been a deadly decision.
  • Keep yourself safe and secure. Have keys, emergency money, credit cards, medications and valuable things in place, so that you can leave home quickly if in case there are danger events that happen. Do not forget to save contact numbers in a small phone book and carry them in your pocket wherever you go.
  • Carry a mobile phone, a digital camera and pepper spray at all times. Be aware of your surroundings all the time. Do not allow the stalker to act and make some threats before you. You should know first who they possibly are and you should battle them with their information too. It is hard to guess without any idea that you are already at risk.

When it comes to stalking there are a lot of signs and factors you need to consider. You need to understand all of these to be able to distinguish if you have one. If you felt or have second thoughts, then it is best to be prepared.  Opportunely, most adults know the measures to stop stalking, and they can easily move on with their lives after breaking up. But, if you are in the position where unwanted calls, receiving gifts and receiving unwanted emails, then you have to know how to deal with it because you might have a stalker.

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