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There are thousands of charities located throughout the United Kingdom. With so many different charities out there, it is possible to always find a charity that works for you. According to The Guardian, this is a list of some of the top charities in the UK, based on donations.

The Top charities

The top 2 charities in the UK are the GAVI Fund Affiliate and the Arts Council of England. If you are a fan of art and want to see it flourish in the UK, these are two of your go-to charities. In fact, these two charities alone make up almost 10 percent of all donated money in the UK. In total, almost 11.5 billion pounds are donated each year in the UK with these 2 bringing in almost 1 billion pounds together.

Cancer Research

Cancer Research UK makes up the third largest charity in the UK. If you are looking for a charity that does not spend its time focusing on one individual form of cancer, but instead spreads the money across the board to different kinds of cancer research and treatment, this might just be the perfect charity for you to donate to. There are many different charity events that donate money to cancer research, some of which include races, charity challenges and other such activities. So, if you want to partake in a special event while donating to cancer research, there are ways for you to do this. The Cancer Research UK brings in almost 363 million pounds annually, while the next largest cancer charity, the MacMillan Cancer Support charity brings in 127.4 million pounds. If you would like to donate to a charity that provides money and support to those who are currently battling cancer, there is the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity. This charity brings in around 77 million pounds worth of donations each year.

Child Based Charity

There are many different charity commission options that help care for needy children. The fourth largest charity in the UK is the Save the Children Fund, with the fifth largest being the International Finance Facility for Immunization Company. This company does not just focus directly on children in the UK who need shots, but on children around the world, especially in areas where there is a greater need for immunization.

Animal Charities

If you are looking for a shelter charity, there is the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This is the largest animal charity in the country as it brings in just over 101 million pounds annually just from donations. There is also the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, if you are a lover of birds and want to donate money to the cause of preserving wildlife to make sure these birds are able to live in their natural habitat. The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals is an organization that helps sick pets when their owners are unable to afford treatment. It receives nearly 62 million pounds in charitable donations annually.

Homeless Charities

When looking for charities that give money to help support the homeless, you have a few to select from. There is The Salvation Army, which is one of the largest homeless charities in the entire world. Not only does it use donations to help provide clothing for the homeless and children in need, but it also provides special groups for those looking for assistance and even food drives to help feed the homeless (more often during the holiday season). The Shelter, National Campaign for Homeless People Limited is another homeless charity you can look to donate to. This charity is far smaller than The Salvation Army, and brings in 25.5 million pounds annually.

Mental Disorders

If you would like to donate to a charity that provides money to aid the research of mental disorders and also uses the money to help those dealing with mental disorders, there are a few options available, but none of these charities bring in nearly as much money as any of the other charity organizations out there. In fact, if you are torn between which charities to donate to, and mental health charities are on your list, you should look into these, simply because the charities do not receive a sufficient amount of donations. For example, the Alzheimer’s Society is the largest mental health charity in the UK, and it brings in just under 32 million pounds annually from donations.

Setting up a Charity

If there is a particular issue you want to raise money for and you do not believe it is already represented (or perhaps it is something specific for a deceased friend or family member), it is possible to set up a charity. All of this information is provided by the Charity Commission UK government website. First, you need to find at least three trustees to run the charity. In general, you want to have an odd number of trustees, or at the very least, have a board of directors’ head, who can sway the vote in one direction or the other. Either way, you need a way to break any sort of tie, should there be a discrepancy regarding how to use the donated money. For a smaller, family based charity, three trustees may work fine, but often times; you want a few more, in order to discuss different courses of action. After this, when filling out the information with the Charity Commission, you need to demonstrate how the charity is going to provide a public benefit. This might be a scholarship for someone to go to college or helping deliver meals to the elderly. As long as you can prove it gives some sort of benefit to the general public, you should have no problem with creating your charity of choice.

Next, you need to create a name for the charity and register it with the UK government. You also need to create a structure for your charity, such as how the money comes in, how it is monitored, where the money ends up and so on. This way, the entire board of directors and trustees know how to follow it.

It is always considered good to go for more charitable work and do good to the community; you could know more about this in What is a Charity Challenge article.

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