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The Tebowing Fad – What Is Tebowing?

What Is Tebowing

Keeping up on current language, cues and gestures can be a challenging endeavor. Terms and actions you’ve never heard before can come on the scene, providing puzzling information for the uninformed. It was this way with the action known as “tebowing.” Many people were surprised by the sudden action that seemed to have no relevance to what was going on at the time. If you’re wondering what is tebowing and where did it came from, here’s some information to clarify this trendy pose.

What Is Tebowing?

Tebowing is defined as the unexpected action of getting down on one knee and bring the fist to the forehead as the head is bowed as if in prayer. Originally, the tebow was a gesture of prayer, but it evolved into a more light-hearted performance of self-affirmation. The answer to the question “what is tebowing” is a complex one, and an explanation of how it came to be so popular requires a comprehensive look at the person who brought the gesture to the public’s attention.

Tim Tebow — Originator of Tebowing

The tebowing rage started with a football player named Tim Tebow. Timothy Richard Tebow came to national attention when he was playing for the Denver Broncos, but his career went back to his college days at the University of Florida. His success with Gators team won him the Heisman Trophy in 2007 and was name “Most Valuable Player” in the national college playoffs in 2008. He was first draft selection for the Denver Broncos in the NFL Draft in 2010. Tebow’s Religious Background Why Tim Tebow’s actions came to the interest of the public in such a big way can be attributed to his background. Tim Tebow was born in Manila in the Philippines where Tim’s parents were Baptist missionaries. He was the youngest of five children. Tim’s devout faith is an integral part of his heritage.

Tim Tebow’s Faith

It could be said that deep faith was a part of his birth, because when his mother’s pregnancy developed problems, she continued the pregnancy in spite of doctors’ warnings and gave birth to a healthy child. Tebow’s religious background is such a part of his personality that it became a part of his public image from his early career in high school football.

Tebow Controversies

Tim Tebow received his academic education through homeschooling, as many children from religious families do. In most cases, home-schooled children are not able to participate in the sports programs of their local schools. However, in 1996, the state of Florida, recognizing the growing home-school movement, passed a law that allowed these children to participate in high school sports. Tim Tebow began playing football at Trinity Christian Academy, playing tight end. He later moved to another county and played at Allen D. Nease High School where he was able to take the quarterback position. This led to accusations that Tebow had been allowed to choose where he played, unlike many other players.

Tebow’s High School Career

While at Nease he played while seriously injured and was later named Player of the Year. He became one of the most sought after players for college teams and the nation’s first successful home-schooled football player. Tebowing with the Broncos Tim Tebow began his career with the Broncos uneventfully. In his rookie season, he started the last three games and became the team’s full-time quarterback in 2011 season. Because he frequently helped his team come from behind to win the game, Tebow frequently dropped to a knee to thank God for the unexpected win, this gesture of religious devotion became his trademark, and many people emulated the behavior as sign of solidarity with his spirituality as well as a tribute to his skill on the field.

Tim Tebow Today

Although Tebow was less successful as the years went on, he left the gesture of “tewbowing” as a continuing reminder of his time in the NFL. Tim Tebow went on to become college football analyst for ESPN.

Who Tebows?

Generally, the tebowing action is generally done by the young, who can easily drop to a knee and then get up quickly again without difficulty. However, the gesture is by no means limited to those under the age of 30. Anyone who feels his or her success has been aided by unexpected divine intervention can drop into a tebowing pose. In some cases, the tebowing gesture is done in earnest, genuinely feeling the need to thank a deity for assistance in some endeavor. However, at other times, tebowing is done for comic value, to gain attention or to simply mark a success. Although tebowing’s roots may come from authentic religious fervor, it is frequently used without any trace of this sentiment.

Where You Will Find Tebowing

Tebowing began to be seen on college campuses, performed by young men who were football fans and wanted to emulate the actions of this highly visible player. It then spread to high school sports and then to the general student body, who dropped into a “tebow” pose to make a point, gain attention, show solidarity with friends and a variety of other reasons. Tebowing became so common that you could expect to see it at any public gathering, shopping mall, sports game or outdoor event.

Why Did Tebowing Catch On?

It’s difficult to say why some “fads” catch on with the public and others do not. Many times, a trend such as tebowing gains favor because it speaks to the spirit of the age in some way. Tebowing started as a religious gesture. The controversies surrounding Tim Tebow, his background in a missionary family, his homeschooling and his deeply religious convictions were part of the cultural clash between the traditional view of American society and the progressive, changing aspects of the culture.

The Cultural Trend of Tebowing 

Tebowing became a symbol of the dichotomy in modern society. People could tebow sincerely, or tebow in mockery. People began to understand that the various meanings of the gesture reflected the various viewpoints in the society in which they lived. Tebowing was a thoroughly modern expression of the culture’s changing values.

We are not telling you to start tebowing, by understanding What Is Tebowing and other online trends, you learn how to protect your children and teens from cyber danger. Explore What Is Tebowing and educate others on exactly What Is Tebowing today.

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