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OP-ED: The Secret of Will Power…The Underdog Strength

The Secret of Will Power

Discover the Secret of Will Power Now!

You’ve probably watched Slum Dog Millionaire before, and we have to mention the childhood classic of the meek turtle and narcissistic rabbit racing to the finish line; but let’s get to the end of the story, when there’s a will there’s a way.

Whether fairytale or fiction; and even if you’re a pessimist, a part of these stories must have been adapted from real life, right?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen; with a dash of faith, a sprinkle of optimism and a whole lot of determination, who’s to tell you can’t conquer the world?

And let us tell you what we believe is the definition of determination: It’s a resilient, positive approach to life; that sustains you through bad conditions simply because you have faith. Just like a boomerang, when life throws you a curveball; you swing back.

Now let’s be realists, so we know that conquering the world doesn’t necessarily guarantee happiness (it comes from within etc…) and also that there are a whole lot of other factors you have to keep in mind before setting your heart on something;

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For instance, why do you really need it? (You don’t want to have a change of heart half way through, or want something for the wrong reasons; so questioning the drive behind your actions is necessary)

Ex. My greatest ambition is going to Yale law and working at a top law firm

– do I want to do it for the money? (What if the country suddenly faces an economic crisis and this top law firm can no longer pay its employees top dollars?)

-do I want if for the status? (What if the position I’ll have becomes a barrier between me and other things I want to do? Other people?)

– do I want it in order to prove something to someone? (After I’m done proving; will it still be worth it?)

It’s all a matter of balance; you win some, you lose some. So you have to consider what you’re willing to compromise.

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Next thing you should think long and hard about is whose toes you might step on in your rise to greatness.

-always keep karma in mind…if you cheat your way through high school, you’ll end up at the wrong career, who can’t solve a math equation if their life depended on it.

– If you spend your days getting high, you’re cutting down on study time, or family time, (they may seem like hell now, but on the long run they always come through) or football or photography time etc…

– if you make someone look bad, for the sake of making yourself look good- then know that somehow it will come back and haunt you at some point in some way.

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If you keep your records clean, and maintain conviction in your success; it might not be a smooth sail, and you might need to reset your priorities along the way; but you’ll have no regrets…fifty years down the line, that’s what’ll matter, right?

The third and last thing you should keep in mind when setting your goal is this: Balance.

Throughout history, a lot of people ended up losing themselves in their ambitions. It’s tricky dividing your attention between different aspects , and still remaining focused; but that’s where organization comes through.

Learn all the skills you need to become organized; planning ahead, separating different matters, being calm and collected, avoiding negative influences and paying attention to your physical well being; eat healthy, exercise regularly, take the time to meditate and relax when needed. And you’re good to go!

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We bet you that by keeping your life on track, you’ll be able to move forward no matter what; because you’ll always have something to get you going, even if something else’s falling apart.

An underdogs’ forte:

You might be so far wondering, what distinguishes you as an underdog; when everyone’s betting against you and odds are not in your favour.

In a society with a dull and dreary definition of adequate, you can set your own terms, and show them just what you’re worth; and while everyone’s struggling to fit in and be accepted- you don’t have to deal with the pressure.

We know that might not always be the case; you might not feel fabulous about being different, especially if your eccentricity isn’t necessarily socially appealing.

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In that case a change of perspective is in order, or at least a change of attitude until you can see differently.

So what if you’re dyslexic? Scrawny? Overweight? Or from an ethnic minority? Or if you have ADD or poor eyesight? So what if you don’t live in a suburban dream with a picket fence and Jacuzzi? So what if you were born with something you have no control of, which others aren’t accustomed to?

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Did that really ever stop anyone from being someone?

Flaunt your independence, and become the fabulous misfit!

It might seem like an obstacle now, but ten years from now; you’ll be thankful that it made you work harder, or appreciate the good things you have, or find your niche…

After all, every Burden can be a blessing in disguise; depending on what you’re willing to make out of it.

Bottom line: find your passion, and use your distinction as an incentive…You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with just a little faith and hard work.

And finally we are going to tell you about one last reason you should be thankful you’re a little guy for; you can feel the other little guys.

You know how it is for them, and you know just how bad it might be to be in their shoes; so you can form an alliance or a club or whatever you want to call it- develop a support system, and stick up for each other.

Usually all it would take to win them over is for you to pay it forward and show a little good will. And with them having your back, life will get a whole lot easier.

More on the Secret of Will Power below…

A wise man once said: be the change you want to see in the world; so it’s time to get stronger, and start changing yourself and the world.


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