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The Sadness of Going Through Bully Fights Alone

Learn the three rules of Bully Fights!

Want to know the worst thing about Bully Fights? What makes Bully Fights truly unbearable and despicable?

It’s not the physical pain- sticks and stones…

It’s not that it’s unfair- that’s how life can be.

It’s not the humiliation and awkwardness- everyone has their moments…

It’s being completely alone throughout Bully Fights.

After all isn’t that what we’re all after? Knowing that there’s someone out there who gives a damn? Someone to hold you down every now and then, have your back…and let you know that the world’s not such an ugly place.

Once you lose that, once you’re on your own; things really start getting difficult, and the trivial nuisances that could’ve once been tolerable become mountains- because you know you have no one with you through the climb.

Truth of the matter is- life is tough. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and if you’re not a predator then you’re sure to become prey. But then again is that the sort of world you want to live in? The kind that if you just so happen to fall; you’ll find a hundred stakes ready to be stuck through your heart?

We often undermine compassion and tolerance; we take them as a sign of weakness, we fear that they’ll make us gullible and convince ourselves that they’ll obstruct our survival. While in fact, if you ever scour the pages of history, you’ll find that it may have been the only force behind the continuation of the human race.

Sympathy makes you human; sympathy reminds you that you’re not really in control…that there’s a higher power setting the course of action, that may at any point turn your life around on a whim, and make you just as vulnerable as the next person.

At that significant moment, the world becomes a little less cruel; and hope becomes affordable for the weaker man.

If you can do that…if you can choose to look past yourself and pay it forward when someone’s in need; then you’ll get your dues, and will be compensated- you just need a little imagination to know how.

Bully Fights: What better way to do so then taking a stand?

Taking a stand requires bravado, perseverance but most of all brains. It’s not an overnight decision, and if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons it won’t vouch.

Taking a stand and Fighting Bullying is nothing short of a resolution- to not withstand any injustice in any of its forms.

Not because someone’s cool and wants to spread their muscles, or because the other person’s weird and needs a reality check.

Taking a stand is about spotting whatever’s not right; and making sure it’s well known so- regardless of the involved parties or possible consequences.

Once you stop thinking “what do I care?”, and start thinking “what can I do?”- Things will start taking an entirely new perspective, and life might actually start to make sense.

Bully Fights: Your new project

Make this your new project, put your heart and soul into it and don’t let anything distract you. You have the rest of your life for everything else- but if you don’t set your heart on this now, you never know when you’ll get the chance to do so again (life has an odd way of sidetracking us) so you have to get committed.

And know this- commitment requires sacrifice.

Fighting Bullying, That doesn’t mean you’ll spend your life a martyr- but it means you may temporarily lose some perks- social status, some time with friends or time doing something you enjoy; but trust me nothing that really matters on the long run.

To be real- you’re not going to get anything tangible out of this (unless you get fifteen minutes of fame for standing out) and if you’re doing it for the spotlight, it will end in a jiffy- but if you’re doing it for your soul and only for your soul- you’ll get a high like no other… and your spirit; well it will be on cloud nine- I can guarantee you this.

What you need to do about Bully Fights

Till this point I’ve been yapping about soul and invisible forces- I know this is nothing you can really work with- now I’ll give you the scoop which is as easy as can be:

The three cardinal rules of Bully Fights: observe, think, and plan.

Do your research on Bully Fights          

Whether you’re a Good Samaritan trying to do your part, or an administrator trying to convert a class or system:

Watch those around you, and what it is that you don’t like- what needs to be changed

Determine your objective, and what you’re addressing- keep a clear head and don’t let your own feelings or experiences get in the way of your judgment.

draft a plan on the best method of doing getting it out there, then devise an agenda or even course syllabus if it’s needed- stay organized and collected.

Be careful not to get too carried away; to the point where you lose your common sense- there’s a thin line between being a Good Samaritan and a crazy vigilante.

And always keep your objective in mind, and at sight (hang reminders on your fridge etc..)    And stay impartial ( as much as you possibly can)- you’re battling bullying, not the bully.

Same goes if you’re just a kid trying to help out someone you know- keep it real.

Get others involved- the more you do so, the easier your job gets. If you consider yourself the lone-ranger or like riding solo; this might be the time put your own needs aside for a while

You’re spreading an idea- so this involves actually dealing with other people anyhow, if you win them over; you’ll have them fighting your Bully Fights by your side.

Stay Strong and spread the word on Bully Fights. Don’t forget to explain to your friends that it should always be “bullied kid fights back” not “bullied kid”. 

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