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The Real Deal on Racial Discrimination

The Real Deal on Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination for most people, is defined as racism. There are several different instances that you may have witnessed that you may not have even known was racial discrimination. Before you can take any action against it or help others to understand the facts about racism, you need to have a thorough understanding of the situation yourself.

What Is The Definition of Racial Discrimination?

Racism can be defined three different ways. Racism can be defined as:
1. An individual believing that another person’s race is inferior to theirs. Racism can also be defined as an individual who is under the assumption that one race has the right to dominate or rule another.

2. Behavior that is considered offensive or even aggressive to members who are of another race.

4 Ways of Racial Discrimination

Racism can come across in four different ways. These ways include direct, indirect, individual, and institutional. A lot of people come face to face with racial discrimination that is direct. This type of racial discrimination occurs in a situation when an individual is treated in a way that is not fair, but an individual that belongs to another race happens to be in the same situation, but has a different outcome.

Signs of Racial Discrimination Behavior

There are a few different signs of racist behavior that you can look for in a situation. This type of behavior are signs that other unfortunate events may occur later on down the line. You can use these signs to tell if you or someone you know is in a racist situation. A few of these behaviors include:

• Assault that is physical
• Harassment
• Derogatory language
• Verbal abuse
• Stereotyped comments
• Racist propaganda

Discussing Racial Discrimination with Your Children

Racism is far from the problem that it was in previous years, but it still exists. Since you cannot stop people from saying what they want when they want, and you are not around your children 24-7 to shield them from the cruelness of the world, it will be in your best interest to discuss racism with your children. You can start by explaining your heritage and where your family comes from. Explain the different aspects of life that are present in today’s society and why some people feel the way that they do. Not everyone has the same aspects of life, which causes an issue for some people.

Discussing Racism Issues with Your Parents

If you are dealing with racism in your school or at your place of work, you may want to notify an adult. Although your parents may be one of the last people on Earth that you want to discuss any situations with, it may be in your best bet to do so. Your parents will stand by your side and let you know the proper course of action to take. Even if they do not know what to do, there’s a good chance that they know someone who is able to handle the situation properly.

Coping with Racial Discrimination

Being able to cope with racism is not something that everyone is able to master. If you grew up in a time where racism was everywhere you looked and everywhere you turned, there is a good chance that the memories of the past are still with you today. Teenagers today have an idea of what racism is, but the experience is nowhere near the same as it was years ago.

Most of the racism that occurs today is verbal. Although the words that are said are harmful and can touch a part of you that you never thought was possible, the best thing to do is ignore it and walk away. Even though this is a lot easier said than done, you will have to use everything that you have in you to walk away.

Regardless of what remarks are said, remember to hold your head high and walk away. You may be familiar with the sticks and stones phrase, but the fact is, that words really do hurt. You have to find a place within yourself that allows you to walk away from these situations without starting trouble or getting yourself into trouble.

If you are having to deal with racism at school or in your workplace, the best thing to do in this situation is to document everything. This means every situation that occurs and every event that takes place. In the event that anything legal ever needs to take place, documentation is always better than telling what someone said without having any evidence.

Dealing with racism can be one of the most difficult tasks that you will ever have to come to certain terms with, and it is important that you find a place in your mind where you are able to accept the negative things that come with life. Your centre place is the place where you can come to terms with everything that is negative and set it aside. Although racism is not right, here are a few different ways that you can deal with this situation.

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