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The New Form of Cyber Bullying and PPS

Back in the day, bullying was physical or verbal– it was rough and brute; but it was obvious and could be handled accordingly. Now it’s electronic, which makes it less apparent but in no way less significant or painful. So what about Cyber Bullying and PPS?

The anonymous factor is a double edged blade- on one hand not knowing the predator makes them that much more weak and petty (they don’t even have the courage to come forward- a testament to their character) but at the same time it makes it harder to confront them directly; especially if you’re inquisitive by nature, and feel like they have the upper hand.

Cyber bullying can be mentally and emotionally draining; but there is a way to handle it which requires affirmativeness and resolution, just like regular bullying.

The most important step is to report it when it gets out of hand. At first victims were reluctant because they were unsure if they would be taken seriously compared to other forms of abuse, but in light of increasing awareness, it’s safe to say that cyber bullying is gaining acknowledgment as a serious form of inflicting pain and alarm.

It is reassuring to know that law enforcement is taking decisive action in this direction through the “police pilot scheme” which is estimated to radically decrease the amount of cyber bullying incidents.

The scheme comes after TVP officers recorded 800 cyber bullying incidents in the last three months of 2010 alone.

During the pilot all cases of cyber bullying flagged by a school or parent to an officer will be investigated.

Police will send the bully a message warning them they could be breaking the law if they continue.

In addition, the bully’s parents are sent a letter informing them what their child has been doing and the potential consequences of their actions

A definite breakthrough for eliminating bullying in the UK; this new plan has received the approval of parents looking out for their children, and teens alike, and may also serve as a warning or prevention technique for reluctant bullies.

Carney Bonner- a former bully victim and current “Cyber mentor” and Youth MP for Swindon was one of many to share their story, and welcome his local police forces’ pilot scheme; in hope of spreading hope, and letting victims know that they’re not alone.

For more on Carney Bonners’ story:

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