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OP-ED: The Misfits’ Guide to Standing out

The Misfits' Guide to Standing out

Generally speaking, people are inconsiderate by nature; the only way to remain a decent person is by becoming the exception to the rule by setting your own bar. This means doing things for them- genuinely altruistic gestures- even when you doubt their willingness to extend the courtesy.

Thing is If you’re already different, then why not go the whole nine yards and just work it?

Set your own standards of what’s acceptable and what’s not; and if no one gets it now, then who cares? A few years from now you won’t either.

Grown-up world is really not about who’s better looking or who can tell a good joke- it’s all about who’s smarter, who has more perseverance, who’s more confident and WHO’S UNIQUE!   Have you ever wondered that what may seem like a burden now might turn out to be a blessing in disguise?

So yeah…be the quirky musician, be the dreamy artist or the frizzy-haired math geek- and have faith that it will pay off (when you stop expecting and start embracing it). Being a dreamer may not be your style- but a little imagination is sometimes necessary to keep you going, and keep you rounded.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be accepted; nothing at all… unless you’re jeopardizing yourself to do so. By that we don’t just mean your health- we mean your ambitions, your potential or creativity- YOUR IDENTITY.  It’s all about the future!

Along the line in the future, what do you honestly think you might regret?

-Not being nominated prom king\queen?

-not having a boy\girl friend? – A few missed parties and a few petty jokes at your expense?

– Or making a series of waivers that led to wrong choices that permanently screwed up your life? All for the sake of getting along for a couple of years but what about the next years.

If you’re all about the here and now, then that’s your call- but know that it doesn’t work that way; each choice you make has repercussions, some direct and others not so blatant or short-term- there’s no such thing as random events or one-time-things.

If despite your attempts, you just don’t fit in; then it’s probably for good cause… you’ll figure it out at some point…you just have to know what you can make out of it in the meantime

Find your niche and make it happen-orient your energy in that direction.

Don’t let the haters have any power over you… Who’s to judge they’re better? Them? Not a very impartial judge huh?

The truth is no one can really define you but yourself. Fair is fair, others can hurt you and beat you down; but you’re the only one who can let them break you.Throughout your life you’ll meet haters and opportunists- the haters will harm you and the opportunists will stand on the sidelines to cheer. If you somehow make a resolution to overcome both-then you’ll lose a few battles, but ultimately you will win the war.

You might want someone to cuddle you and give you some soothing words, and that might make you feel better but won’t really do you any good- instant gratification is not my style, and neither should it be yours

And I won’t be serenading “You are Beautiful”; partly because I’m all about tough love, partly because your eardrums would explode, but mostly because if you can’t find the beauty in yourself then no one else will bother.

So start finding the beauty in you, and if it doesn’t seem to shine through just yet…then know that the right people still haven’t showed up, and the best is yet to come; shouldn’t that be an incentive to hold on ?

Stay strong and you’ll have someone watching over you every step of the way.

Keep it real!

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