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The Long Term Effects of Bullying and What Can Be Done About It

The Long Term Effects of Bullying

As a parent, you would normally expect that your child’s school is a safe place for him or her to learn, grow, and develop. School is also a place where bullies roam the halls, looking for brand new victims to tease or pick on. If a bully is able to convince a child that they are destined for failure in life, or they are somehow inadequate – your child will not be as confident and successful as an adult. Many believe that the consequences of being bullied are short-term, but the opposite is more often the case. Learn about The Long Term Effects of Bullying  Now!

Children whom are bullied are more likely to be depressed, ill, and have a hard time holding down a job. Bullying harms a child’s ability to form social relationships with those around him or her. For children, bullying is incredibly harmful because it harms their ability to grow up and develop properly.

Bullied kids are also more likely to get arrested as adults. When kids are bullied, they have trouble managing the emotions which come as a result of being bullied and see themselves as being victims. This is especially true during middle/junior high school when kids are beginning to grow up and develop their own identities. Because they can’t fight back emotionally, bullied kids tend to develop a variety of anxieties, and often seek to end their own lives.

For every bullied child, there is also a bully whom is doing the bullying in the first place. The bully is more likely to grow up to have a criminal conviction. Nearly 60% of bullies have some form of criminal conviction by the time they turn 24. Bullies need attention from professionals nearly as much as the kid whom is being bullied.

Many others are around the bully or the person being bullied frequently. Those children are frequently the same ones whom are afraid to act or unwilling to do so. A trusted friend can easily help a bullied child avoid being a victim in the future. Helping a bullied child identify a trusted friend that they are able to turn to is an easy way of helping the bullied child identify a possible resource for help and guidance.

Children should not have to grow up with a feeling of constant fear and anxiety in their lives. Bullies are able to create a feeling of constant fear and anxiety – thus making the child more vulnerable to frequent attacks from bullies. Bullying is more than a rite of passage, and it will not do anything to toughen them up. It will only make them more vulnerable, frustrated, and afraid in life to the point where they will be unable to find someone else to turn to.

Bullying has a variety of severe consequences for all whom are involved. One of the best ways to mitigate the effects of bullying is to work with your child to help them reduce the emotional impact that the bully is having. Bullying worksheets are able to help a child see what impact the bully is having as well as to develop a set of coping strategies. Bullying cannot be fully eliminated, but it can be assisted by the right set of tools and techniques to help the child grow and develop.

Bullying worksheets can also prevent a child from becoming a bully in the first place. A bullying worksheet is designed to show a child what resources are available to help and how the child is able to change the impact of his or her behaviors. In many cases, a trusted friend can be identified whom the bullied child can turn to in order to improve the quality of their lives for the better.

It is certainly possible to help any child whom is being bullied before it is too late. If bullying occurs on a frequent basis, the child’s sense of self-worth will go down and the child won’t be able to function properly in society.

One of the best resources for anti-bullying is this set of bullying worksheets, published by the University of Kent. It offers plenty of tips, and teaches kids coping strategies for dealing with bullying.

Here is another worksheet which asks a few easy-to-understand questions for the child to work with. This worksheet is designed to help a child understand the consequences that come as a result of being bullied or being the bully himself/herself.

For those seeking a more pictorial approach which asks simple questions, this worksheet will help out in building a greater amount of awareness.

Learn more about how to prevent bullying!

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