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The Impact of Bullying Words on the Victim

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Bullying is a physical or psychological aggressive behavior intended to harm or hurt others. The bully uses offensive bullying words in the process of victimization. The general view is to make the affected person seem worthless, unloved, and uncared for. The increase in the use of these words saw the introduction of a zero tolerance policy in most schools. Anyone found uttering the prohibited words is liable to punishment as specified in the established rules.

Despite the above line of action, many reports are received every now and then of kids being called obscene names. The victim might be ambushed in a place where there is no help, then subjected to the abusive ordeal. Alternatively, the words could be hurled at the target through phone texts in a process known as happy slapping. A copy of these physical assaults is also sent to other parties. There is nothing worse than receiving these kinds of insults then walking around fully aware that you are being watched.

There are plenty of reasons that make the targeted victim to be bullied with heavy daunting and piercing Bullying Words. Regular exposure to this kind of experiences, say like three to five times a month is sure to have a huge impact on the person in question. Even if the student adopts a neutral strategy, it will only be a matter of time before the pressure builds up and everything bursts. When this happens, it will be to the delight of the aggressor whose goals would have been achieved. Remember that the ultimate goal of the offender is to create a situation where he or she appears to be dominant over you. The worst thing that you can do is to send a clear indication that the words that are being hurled at you are really working on you. If you really want to get done with the stubborn lot, you can device a put-at-ease technique that makes it appear as though you don’t care. Never show a bully your tears, and with time they will know that they are not too good to bring you down.

If you have been a victim of Bullying Words, you definitely know that they use bullying words that can easily break you down. It is therefore a tricky situation which requires remaining strong and putting on a courageous face so that you pull through. For instance, when a girl is called a slut or whore, the experience can quite be overwhelming. It is an outright luck of respect for the morality of the targeted victim. But by yielding to the pressure of Bullying Words, the aggressor is able to know your weak point. This will form a repetitive form of insults, each one of them leaving the victim more devastated than ever before.

With the mounting pressure of Bullying Words, one can resort to mechanisms that are even more harmful like substance abuse. This is the direction that most victims take minus knowing that you can’t correct a mistake by committing an equally dreaded miscalculation. It is understandable that it reaches a point when it becomes a big challenge to deal with verbal abuse from the bullies. But the escape mechanisms that one uses leads to more fatal consequences than you can imagine. By choosing suicide, you are simply telling the bullies that they don’t have to do much to get you out of their way. Even if one is called a pig, whale, nerd, fat, or gay, that doesn’t make him or her one. Save yourself the pressure and depression by taking those words as the usual words that you use around.

Overcoming Bullying Words

The child can try out the following techniques to help overcome the demeaning Bullying Words directed to them:

  • Ignore the aggressor. Though difficult to effect, this method works if you can master the will power. Just learn to shrug off the insults with a careless attitude.
  • Report to school authorities. Although it is not easy to find evidence that directly implicates the bullies, you can look for a trusted teacher and share with them your ordeals. This will provide you with a sense of relief and some security.
  • Find alternative sources of enjoyment. The activities should be those that the aggressors can’t easily lay access to them.
  • Be civilized. Do not get in the habit of also being rude and unruly. You will be acting like the uninformed lot that does nothing but wreck other people’s lives.
  • Get some real friends. As a parent, motivate the child to look for and spend most of their free time with them more often. This will take the mind off the bitter experiences that they have with the bullying crew.
  • Always make informed decisions. In case you have been infuriated by the activities of the bullies, don’t rush into doing something you might regret. Allow yourself some time for the pressure to cool so that you are in position to think straight.

Words will always be words with no special ability to impact you physically. Therefore, if anyone tells you something that isn’t appropriate, do not be frustrated or try to answer back. This is one of the techniques that will help you leave freely in a place jammed with verbal bullies.

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