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The Feelings of Depression

So, what are Feelings of Depression? Depression falls like a thick blanket working to blacken the world around you and muffle the sounds outside. Almost everyone experiences periods of depression at some point in life. Normally these periods, called the blues, do not last long.

Sadness and listlessness comes during the brief depressions and often you cannot pinpoint why you feel the way you do. Or something happened in your life to trigger the sadness or pain. Mourning the loss of a loved one, a dear friend moving away or a disagreement with someone close to you can cause periods of depression.

The depression lessens with time and your life remains normal despite the sadness and want of isolation.

Depression that does not go away and disrupts your life feels different from the blues. Someone who remains depressed for an extended period needs professional help to overcome depression.

Clinical depression takes away your ability to participate in normal life activity. What does depression feel like?

Feelings of Depression: Stressed out for no reason

Your mind and body feel tense and you feel overwhelmed even if your work and home situations did not change. Or, you feel overwhelmed by a new assignment or task that you normally take in stride without feeling overly burdened.

You lack concentration and the fidgety feeling you have makes completing tasks hard.

Feelings of Depression: Angry but do not know why

You have moments of rage without provocation or you rage against inanimate objects. Your normally even temper grows short and you cannot control it. You may find satisfaction in throwing the object or break down sobbing over things that used to seem minor.

Feelings of Depression: Irritable toward your loved ones

You find you are snapping at your parents, partner or close friends often and for little reason. You may seem preoccupied and the interruption of your thoughts by others makes you lash out at them.

Feelings of Depression: Confused and disoriented in well-known environments

You may pass your house without realizing it when coming home from work, school or shopping. Your neighborhood seems different, like the houses have moved. You frequently forget what you wanted to do next or forget a PIN or password you have used for years.

Feelings of Depression: Sad without a clear trigger

You feel sad and hurt inside as though something in life has changed and you will never feel happy again. Sometimes the feelings come from an event like the death of someone close to you. Usually the mourning of a loved one passes through the grieving process and you return to your daily activities though you still feel the emptiness inside. Mourning that keeps you from your normal activities for too long is depression.

Feelings of Depression: Useless as a human being

You feel as though you do not belong and just get in the way. This can come from repeated criticism or threats from family, classmates or coworkers. The repeated verbal or physical abuse eventually makes normal life seem impossible. You try to walk through the day without anyone seeing you. You stop speaking as you retreat into your mind and the fantasies you create as substitutes for human interaction.

If you have gained weight, the verbal attacks take away your self-esteem. If you lose weight, the pressure to eat adds stress that makes you want to disappear.

Feelings of Depression: Seeking isolation and problems sleeping

You may think everyday life has become pointless and you decide to stay in bed one day. That one day turns into several days in bed and you sleep most of the time. On the other hand, you may not sleep at all even though you feel tired all the time. As your depression deepens, you seek isolation and snap at anyone who tries to spend time with you. You feel abandoned after the person leaves and decide they do not care. Eventually, you feel no one cares about you at all and the emptiness inside grows.

Long periods of isolation increase your feelings of uselessness and the pointlessness you see in the future becomes an increasing obsession. You may think about hurting yourself as a way to relieve the pain inside.

Feelings of Depression: Suicidal thoughts

You begin fantasizing about not existing any longer. Maybe how sad your family will feel or how no one will miss you at all. You may feel angry with people around you and think about hurting them.

Before hurting anyone, including you, talk to someone who will help. Often depression comes from chemical imbalances in the brain and medication along with counseling helps.

What does depression feel like for children?

Children suffer the same feelings as adults when they become depressed. They express their feelings differently or their actions become clues to their feelings.

Never ignore the feelings of depression or tell someone they have no reason to feel the way they do. Help them find their way back to healthy feelings.

So how to handle depression? Learn more Now!

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