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The Death of Shannon Gee: Bullied For Being Overweight

A girl who was actually normal sized was bullied for being considered “fat” and “overweight” by others, and as a result, is no longer with us. Shannon Gee was 16 when she committed suicide three years ago. The bullying started for Shannon when she was diagnosed with dyslexia, it caused other students to pay more attention to her, and the bullying was not only about her dyslexia but also about her weight.

On the day that she committed suicide by overdosing on pills, Shannon Gee ‘s  family said that she seemed quiet and not her usual self, and only a couple of hours before she died she went to speak to her father and said she had done something silly, but she wasn’t specific with how many pills she took. She then passed out and was rushed to hospital where she later died.

Her mother said that she had been a loving and generous girl who loved drama and even wanted to move to New York. But Shannon had been seeing a specialist social worker on and off for over a year after being referred by ‘Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.’

There was a investigation about Shannon Gee ’s death. The hearing revealed how Shannon’s desperate father had phoned Ms Campbell, Shannon’s social worker, to ask if they could move the appointment forward as his daughter ‘wasn’t doing very well’. He also took her to the GP and visited her school. But the messages here never returned. Ms. Campbell, the social worker Shannon had been seeing, said that Shannon had been thriving in her sessions and that she was doing well and moving forward. Her bullies weren’t brought to justice, yet.

As if January 26th, 2015, the investigation into Shannon’s suicide and bullying is still underway.

Do you know someone who might be bullied? Then make sure you read this to help them find the help they need.

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