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The Bystander Revolution: Celebrities Against Bullying

The Bystander Revolution has been creating videos about celebrities who want to talk out about bullying and ways to prevent it. They make 1-2 minute videos of different celebrities saying how they feel about different topics. The videos from the celebrities are motivational for young people who are facing bullying in school or online. From topics like why do bullies bully, to embracing your differences for who you are, they have had quite a few celebrities, not only talking about their own experiences, but about what they have seen and heard. The Bystander Revolution was founded by author, MacKenzie Bezos, to try and create peer-to-peer advice for individuals; the ultimate goal is the discussion and spread of simple habits of leadership, kindness, and in-clusion. MacKenzie has created a space where people that are looked up to can try and help their fans and followers.

Bystander Revolution | Question Rumors
Celebrities are taking a stand against bullying for Bystander Revolution. Nina Dobrev Takes a Stand Against Bullying

So if you are in the situation where you are being bullied, or you know someone who is being bullied then share the Bystander Revolution and watch the videos that are relevant to you! Alternatively, we always have great guides to help you in bullying situations including where to find bullying help.

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