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The Bullying Worksheets Debate

The Bullying Worksheets Debate

How to use Bullying Worksheets?

Are you an educator or instructor that has seen, one to many times the ugliness of bullying? The negative abuse, and unwanted actions toward another child or student. Forms of physical and mental abuse in the classroom, hallways, and playgrounds. Becoming a common, critical problem in the US and around the world, as stated by Jim Wright “Research suggests, though, that 7 percent or more of students may be bullies and perhaps 10-20 percent may be chronic victims of bullying.” in Intervention .

Educators in the US are incorporating bullying worksheets, surveys and facts into curriculum for all grade levels to participate in. Administrators, teachers; including part-time staff are taking this data, to come to terms with the depth of bullying issues within their school systems. By allowing the voices to be heard; those that are bullied, and those that are doing the bullying, the problems come to light.

The school is able to fully staff the areas, at the times it occurs. Stopping the actions, making bullies aware they are not being tolerated, helping those that are victims with any fears they may have. Do you believe your school system is doing all they can do to educate, prevent and stop bulling within the schools your child attends? Bullying can include physical, verbal/emotional abuse with victims/bullies varying in all ages. Schools are addressing issues as:

  • Punishment actions for bullying or violence
  • School safety & training for students/staff
  • Forms of bullying; gender-based, ethnic-based, mental health-based ect.
  • Prevention & Action plans for both on and off school grounds;including bus prevention

Bullying Worksheets Facts and Actions

The presidents administration announced the momentum is building, in the progress of actions taken in the campaign. A fast paced campaign supplying schools, parents and communities with educational materials; bullying worksheets promoting awareness to take part in stopping/preventing the actions of bullying. According to and US Education Secretary; Arne Duncan, ” We come a long way, but simply just being aware is not enough” “Everyone has a role to play”.

In the worst situations of bullying suicides attempts or death occur, according to the CDC resulting 4,400 deaths a year. Further stating 14% of high-school student think about attempting suicide, while 7% succeed in suicide. These are not good numbers, youth are becoming socially adapt to either being a bully or being the victim of a bully.

In many ways any type of bullying can lead to this emotional state of behavior, suicides related to bullying have been proved to be connected to many forms of bullying such as: further states in most recent years there is a proven link to bullying and suicide both in the US and around the world. Bullying is no longer “just a part of being a kid” it is a serious, critical problem among our schools and children. The only way to continue to fight bullying is to educate, prevent and stop bullying. The first step is to start at home with your own family; children, encouraging good behavior toward others. Bullies are often victims of some type of abuse, either at home or at school themselves. By getting counseling or help for those that do the bullying, is a step toward stopping it from the start.

Another great reason you would want to give the bullying worksheets out is these will require the kids to do some research. When the kids are researching the topic, they will begin to learn more about the topic. Then the kids can start to see what the bullying causes and the pain it leads to. So the kids may be more apt to stop their actions and actually apologize to the bullied kids. Something else which may happen is the people who were doing the bullying may actually start to stand up for the kids they had bullied in the past. This is a great action which may come out of the research the kids had to do.

Something else which you may not have even realized is this can lead to some kids getting the chance to learn how to stand up for themselves. Often the cyber bullying goes unreported because it is hard to track. However, with the proper education and the bullying worksheets being given out, the kids can start to learn more about where to turn to. So with the education, though, the kids will finally have the information they need on where to go to report the bullying, but also how to protect themselves. Then you will see the kids are going to feel more confident about what they are doing and know they are doing the proper thing, even if it leads to them being picked on because of what they are doing.

Abuse exists in society in many forms, many ways happening to those we love. As a nation of good will toward others, together we can stop this abuse among our youth. Teaching both at home and in our school systems, to where there is nowhere a bully can turn without being recognized. By providing educators with the materials to address the issue of bullying, in school to collect information on bullying worksheets, provides many answers to the problems.

Get involved in your school and community to end the bullying issues that may be affecting your child or students, at your school. The answer is prevention and education, let the voices be heard of those that are victims and those that are the bullies. A true connection is made with prevention.

Spread the word to your fellow teachers and caregivers about Bullying Worksheets NOW!


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