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The Boy Without a Name, A Bullying Poem Collection

boy without a name

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We are very lucky to have some bullying poems shared with us by Gail Robertson from Perth and Kinross Council from the creative talents of three S2 pupils – Jordan Duff, Brogan Riley and Ricki-Lee Given. They took some inspiration from “The Boy Without a Name” by Allan Ahlberg. Have a read through the three poems and let us know what you think in the comments.

Bullying Poem Number One:

I remember that I was alone

The with no name

My life with other was lame

The boy with no name

I was friendless; people said I had a haunting face

My raw flesh, cracked and a scar that would never go away

People say I played near bins and handled eggshells

Everyone says that how I got eczema

It’s not my fault

I am this way, all I want was a friend 



Bullying Poem Number Two: 

Its only me

I remember a long time ago

I was different from everyone else

I would get called names

And people would try and avoid me

I was quiet and shy

Nobody used to care

It was like I was a book

Getting my pages tarred everyday

It was my face It was red and scabby

I’m just a normal boy looking for a friend

I remember walking down the hall

People pointing at me or staring at me

It made me really uncomfortable

It felt like I was alone forever…..



Bullying Poem Number Three

I remember it all clearly

I was the boy who was weary

It was thirty years ago


I remember my eczema it was all over me

Everyone looked at me it was terrifying

I was sometimes crying


No one talked to me

No one played with me

I was always sad


I was always red

And flaking raw

So I wore an iron mask


I hid my expressions

I had so many masks, a collection

But no one felt my affection


Please don’t hurt anyone

Like you hurt me

Just because I was different 


We have attached a copy of the poem that inspired these three bright students to write their own personal versions of the The Boy Without a Name, all reflecting on how bullying makes one feel. It is refreshing to see young people combine poetry and such an emotive topic to create beautiful bullying poems.


The Boy Without a Name By Allan Ahlberg

1            I remember him clearly

And it was thirty years ago or more:

A boy without a name.


2          A friendless, silent boy,

His face blotched red and flaking raw,

His expression, infinitely sad.


3          Some kind of eczema

It was, I now suppose,

The rusty iron mask he wore.


4          But in those days we confidently swore

It was from playing near dustbins

And handling broken eggshells.


5          His hands, of course, and knees

Were similarly scabbed and cracked and dry.

The rest of him we never saw.


6          They said it wasn’t catching; still, we knew

And strained away from him along the corridor,

Sharing a ruler only under protest.


7          I remember the others: Brian Evans,

Trevor Darby, Dorothy Cutler.

And the teachers: Mrs Palmer, Mr Waugh.


8          I remember Albert, who collected buttons,

And Amos, frothing his milk up with a straw.

But his name, no, for it was never used.


9          I need a time-machine.

I must get back to nineteen fifty-four

And play with him, or talk, at least.


10        For now I often wake to see

His ordinary, haunting face, his flaw.

I hope his mother loved him.


11         Oh, children, don’t be crueller than you need.

The faces that you spit on or ignore

Will get you in the end.



Have you a bullying poem to share with us or our readers? If so – why not email us or even share it in the comments below.

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