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The Amazing Work of Barnardos in The UK

Barnardos is one of the biggest children’s charities in the U.K. Thomas Barnardo began the charity to help vulnerable children throughout the country and to make sure that every vulnerable child who needed help got it. In 1866 he set out to study at Whitechapel’s London Hospital in order to become a doctor. When doctor barnardo first got to London he witnessed a cholera outbreak that killed over 3,000 people. After the outbreak many families became destitute and thousands of children were begging for food and sleeping on the streets.

Opened A School

In 1867 the Ragged School was set up by dr barnardos to educate poor children in East End London. After he started the school one of the children in town took him to the site of children sleeping in gutters on the street and the roofs of people’s homes. This inspired him, in 1870, to open a training home for boys in the area so they could learn skills such as shoemaking, carpentry and metal work. The boys that attended the training then took those skills and used to them to get apprenticeships.

When he first opened his shelter, dr barnardo would only permit a certain amount of boys. This changed after he had to turn away an 11 year old boy because there was no room in the shelter for him. Only two days afterwards the same boy was discovered dead due to exposure and malnutrition from living on the streets. The incident inspired Barnardo to put up a sign at the shelter that said that no poor child would ever be turned away.

Barnardos History

Upon getting married Barnardo and his wife acquired land as a wedding present that he later used to open the Girls Village Home. Starting in 1900 there were 65 cottages, a hospital, a church and a school for local children. Some 20 years later 1500 girls were able to live at the home at once. While living there the girls were taught domestic skills. Girls that had completed their training went on to work for high society households and royalty. Other girls were trained to be nurses. After his wife gave birth to a disabled child Barnardo made sure to have homes specially set up for disabled children.

When it comes to where “did dr barnardo live” the answer is the East End of London. There are many other well known facts about dr barnardo. The barnardos charity has continued since his death and continues to thrive today.

Today’s Barnardo

The charity it is today has greatly evolved from what it once was. The organization now works to advocate for underprivileged children as well as to treat those who misuse alcohol and/or other dangerous substances such as drugs. The charity works in communities where blacks and minorities primarily live. Barnardo also works to prevent poverty among children as well as troubled children and children who have been domestic violence victims. They believe in promoting the education of underprivileged children as well as helping and encouraging families to take in foster children or adopt children. They provide support for parents and children who have been sexually abused or exploited.

More than just a resource for helping poor children and their families the charity also does quite a bit of research. This includes topics such as advocacy, child poverty, disability, domestic violence, education, mental health and parenting. The charity also has a long history of advertising their services in various media outlets.

There are Barnardo offices in New Zealand, Australia and Ireland in addition to the one in England. The fact that this charity has grown as large as it has is a testament to who they are and what they do. The charity works hard to make dr. barnardo’s family proud of the legacy he left behind. Dr. barnardo facts are shared on the charity’s website and these facts help people learn more about the man who started it all. All over the world companies are proud to be partners in this charity. Barnardos has charity shops in various locations so that their partners can encourage everyone they know to support the organization.  It has reached people all over the world through its website and its presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. These tools are strategically used to get the charity’s name out there to anyone who doesn’t know it yet.

There are 383 different projects that Barnardos works on. Though in the past they ran orphanages they no longer do. This is one of the many reasons they encourage families to become foster parents and to consider adoption of poor children who need a happy and safe home to grow up in and thrive in.

Services Offered

The services offered by Barnardos include early childhood care and education, early learning centers, home based care and learning through Kidstart, Number One Nannies, Child and Family Services, Out of School Care, Children’s Contact Service, family counseling and support, Footsteps to Feeling Safe, help lines and educational courses for parents and Social Workers in Schools.

Barnardo in the News

Barnardo is often mentioned in news stories because of all the good work they do. These news stories tend to be about children who are suffering throughout the UK and what people can do to help those suffering children. By being recognized in the media the charity has continued to grow and gain recognition for its efforts to make the world a better place for children and their families.

The charity has also made news headlines for some of the research that they have done. In a recent study they determined that individuals who are set up to fail in life may be costing taxpayers since these people usually end up needing public assistance in order to survive. Barnardo has suggested that housing departments and other children’s services besides themselves need to start recognizing that having a budget to help people transition from being cared for to caring for themselves is a better strategy for the future than what has been used in the past.

The research done has shown that caretakers are being assigned to housing that is not suitable for them and that these caretakers are expected to accomplish things they cannot realistically accomplish. Many poor children who are cared for until the age of 18 are losing the emotional support of their caretaker and are not able to function without it. They grow up unable to manage their own finances or afford their own housing. Many of them are also suffering from mental issues because when they were growing they never had the proper exposure to other people that anyone needs to be able to thrive in this world. Fending for themselves all of a sudden is often difficult for children who grew up poor.

The charity is asking U.K. authorities to stick to the guidelines set forth by the Department of Education when it comes to making housing affordable for the underprivileged that are just starting out on their own. They have also encouraged local authorities to have a solid contingency plan in place for dealing with the underprivileged in their quest to become independent. A lack of a solid contingency plan has sent the underprivileged into crippling debt that they simply cannot get out of.

Barnardo believes that poor children are not able to go out on their own as soon as they turn 18, yet the parents of these children are giving them no choice but to do so. Those leaving care need to be prepared with the proper life skills and their parents are not making sure they are before setting them out into the real world.

Barnardos Edinburgh and other locations are pushing to make it easier to help poor children make a smooth transition into adulthood. The charity believes this can be done when these children are properly taken care of and supported. This is one of the reasons Barnardo works so hard to ensure that children who have been poor are able to turn their lives around and become healthy and productive members of society.


Though Barnardo has changed since its inception it is still dedicated to carrying out the work that Dr. Barnardo believed in and devoted his life to. Today’s employees of the charity always keep his vision in mind when they set out to accomplish the act of making sure that those who had a difficult upbringing get a fighting chance at becoming the people they have always wanted to be. By working with parents, children and local authorities in the U.K. they are continuing to make a difference. Barnardo has already changed the lives of millions of children and families and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Anyone around the world is more than welcome to assist them in their efforts by volunteering with the charity or even by donating money that is used to help less fortunate U.K. families.

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