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We are quite passionate about statistics, because we believe that numbers can truly show the depth and epidemic proportions to which bullying and cyber bullying have gone. We invite you to take a look at our top, most read Bullying and Cyber Bullying Statistics Articles.

Cyber Bullying Statistics

  • Important Statistics Regarding Cyber Bullying  Test Page important statistics
  • Cyber Bullying Statistics  Test Page cyberbullying statistics

Statistics of School Bullying

  • School Bullying Statistics  Test Page school statistics
  • A Look at School Bullying Statistics  Test Page look at school statistics
  • Few Facts about Bullying in Irish schools  Test Page irish schools

General Bullying Statistics

  • General Bullying Statistics  Test Page general statistics
  • Research Findings Related to Bullying  Test Page research related
  • Bullying Facts, the Numbers!  Test Page facts numbers
  • Bullying in Ireland  Test Page bullying in ireland

Regional Bullying Statistics

  • More Bullying Statistics in USA  Test Page bullying USA
  • Bullying Statistics in Australia  Test Page australia bullying
  • Bullying in Ireland, a growing trend!  Test Page growing trend
  • Cyber Bullying Statistics in United Kingdom  Test Page cyberbullying in uk
  • Major Bullying Targets in the UK  Test Page bullying targets UK
  • Bullying Statistics everyone Should know  Test Page bullying statistics
  • An Examination of cyber bullying in the UK  Test Page uk examination
  • Bullying Statistics in the USA, Heartbreaking Facts!  Test Page USA heartbreaking facts

We hope you can spread and share our list of bullying and cyber bullying statistics articles and help a friend or a loved one stay away from becoming one more part in those statistics. Help the movement against bullying by taking our Cyber Bullying Survey.

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