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Teen Dating Advice for the Average Lovesick Teen

teen dating advice

So you’re out with your date and everything is great – up to a point. Pretty soon they start asking you some really weird questions. You sweat, you laugh nervously, you get jumpy and then your scalp begins to itch. Then, when they ask you if you are into this, or like to do that (and this is just the first date with this person) you are so spooked out you’re ready to bail out. That’s when you realize you are stuck with a base maven. These days, it is tough for the average teen to go on a date at all and especially risky going out with someone whose moral standards aren’t the same as yours. That is why it’s so important for teen girls and boys to communicate before dating. Even when you are off the dating scene your friends and other people you associate with not only help build your character but are also instrumental in determining your future.

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First Date Advice for Girls

Although there is so no single teen dating advice that will work for everyone, it’s important to remember that first impressions always last. The first thing you must be sure about is your appearance. Be sure to show your date that you are interested and care about yourself, and what they think, by showing up clean and tidy. You don’t have to wear the latest fashion, but you should wear something that you are comfortable in and shows you off to your best features. Promptness is also important. If you think you will be late, try to let your date know so they won’t think you are standing them up. Tardiness can be translated into ‘I’m not into this person and I didn’t really want to go anyway’. Make sure both of you agree to where you are going; if they say it is a surprise, and the surprise is unpleasant, tell them right away that you are uncomfortable with the choice they made. Do it in a polite way so as not to hurt their feelings. If they refuse to leave, tell them you will have to cancel then call a responsible adult to pick you up. If it is daylight always have money on hand for bus/taxi fare if the date goes wrong.

First Date Advice for Guys

As with girls, no single teen dating advice can guarantee a successful date for a guy; however, there are a few things that raise your chances if you do them well. Since most guys are the ones to pay for the date, be sure you leave home with enough money. Don’t ever try to impress a girl by taking her out to a fabulously expensive place that costs more than you can afford. Any girl who is really worth it will understand that a boy your age is on an allowance or minimum budget if you have an after school job. If you are wealthy it is still in bad taste to go to any place too flashy or posh for the first time. Make sure to have her home by her curfew. You don’t want to make a bad impression with her parents the first time you take her out.

Dating Rules

Gentlemen, try not to:

  • Talk about past dates/girlfriends.
  • Boast and brag about what you can do – just casually mention it.
  • Talk about how much you or your dad makes.
  • Use corny lines and constant flattery – it’s too fakey!
  • Keep staring at her body and telling her how hot she looks.
  • Dominate the conversation.
  • Call out to other girls – you went out with her.
  • Start conversations with another boy/girl.
  • Invite another couple to your date.
  • Use your cell phone constantly while she’s talking.

Ladies, try not to:

  • Gush about a guy you have a crush on.
  • Stop to have a long conversation on your mobile with someone.
  • Ask him to do you a big favor when you have just met.
  • Text or call him constantly. Wait until he contacts you first.
  • Talk about your ex-boyfriend or first date.
  • Complain – no matter what it is.

More Teen Dating Advice

Teens are under a lot of pressure these days to follow the crowd and keep up the pace with their friends. If everyone is dating and you aren’t but you want to, don’t jump at the chance to go out with just anyone. Be selective and make sure you choose to go with someone you are comfortable with. If you aren’t ready to date but feel that you should just because everyone is pairing off, then you may be going out for the wrong reasons. Start out by going out with a group of friends and if you see someone you want to pair with – and they want to pair with you – both of you will be in a casual environment where you can relax and enjoy yourselves without the pressure of one-on-one.

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Teen Dating Advice and Love Advice

The girl you have always dreamed about has just stepped into the room. It’s incredible! Your heart is bumping against your chest and you feel you have found your real true love; but supposing she doesn’t feel the same as you? What is it about love at first sight that makes us fall head over heels in love with a total stranger? What is there about a crush that lasts only a few weeks or months? Adolescence is the age of change, transition and exploration. You are still discovering who you are and what you like.

Many people interpret love incorrectly. They become obsessed with the object of their affection, or take on an unhealthy and realistic view of the one they love or are crushing on. Just because someone makes you excited or fills in those dull, empty moments doesn’t mean it is real love. Love is about give and take: having someone who is unselfish, kind, thinking about other people, not boastful and goes through a lot to make the next person happy. A person who loves also knows how to give the one they love space and also knows they can depend on them and lean on them. They will also respect their views. That’s love.

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Dating Etiquette

If you ever had the opportunity to date a celebrity, how would you handle it? Whether it is royalty or the guy/girl next door, etiquette and table manners make you presentable on any date because you never know the type of opportunity that will arise. Gentlemen should hold the door open for ladies and upon arriving to the restaurant they should pull the chair out for her.

Conversation at the dinner table should be in good taste – avoid controversial subjects. Take only one ladle of soup. If there is something at the meal you don’t like take only two bites of it. If the soup or food is too hot do not blow on it, wait until it cools. If you see that you have more than one spoon, fork and knife you will be eating a meal with more than one course. Begin with the utensil farthest away from the plate/bowl and work your way in. The napkin is to be placed on your lap, not at your throat. If you eat something with seeds or pits (olives, cherries) deposit the seeds/pits onto the back of your fork discreetly.

Meat should be cut into pieces before you begin to eat it. Bread should be buttered with small amounts of butter at a time. When you have finished your meal, place your fork and knife side-by-side at the ‘eleven o’clock position’ meaning the head of the fork and knife should point upward and be slanted diagonally on the plate.

Ladies, you mustn’t leave the table before or during the meal to use the restroom more than three times.

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But putting all the rules aside, it is important to be yourself and enjoy your time. If you feel like you always have to put an act to keep that significant other interested, then, guess what, it’s not working. Relationships are about feeling secure and happy and comfortable in our own skin, and if your partner is always pushing you to change, then maybe you shouldn’t be together. Avoid a dominant selfish partner who wants things only their way, and be with someone you can totally ignore table etiquette with and giggle at the silliness together.

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