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The Need for Teen Counseling

Teen counseling is often necessary when young people feel their life spinning out of control. There are several reasons why teenagers seek out counseling. To understand the need for it, understanding what do therapists do becomes necessary.

What Do Counselors Do?

Counselors are generally focused on helping the residents of a given community to co-exist peacefully. There are those who specialize in teen counseling specifically and they can often be found working in schools and colleges. These counselors are trained to handle the issues that teenagers often have to face in today’s world. For many, this proves to be an excellent way to get teen counseling. Whenever a teen needs help figuring out what they want to do with themselves after they graduate high school, a counselor can help them pinpoint the topics they are the most knowledgeable on and the career paths they would likely be successful at. They often help teenagers prepare for their SATs and other aptitude tests. In addition, school counselors can help a student choose the college that is right for them depending on what they want to study. If a student is having problems with their family at home, counselors can also intervene on a student’s behalf, especially in the case of any kind of abuse taking place in the student’s home.

Teen Counseling

At such a fragile age, there are several reasons for teens to feel anxious. Any teenager who isn’t comfortable talking to family or friends about whatever is bothering them often feels more comfortable around their counselor. This person often becomes the one person in their life that they spend the most time talking about their problems with.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to teen counseling. One of the advantages is that even if a teen doesn’t trust their family members they may be able to connect with a counselor that they feel they can trust. Since teenagers often struggle with unresolved feelings, counselors specializing in this age group can often help them to reach a resolution that will give them confidence and peace of mind. Identifying their emotions is something that many teens struggle with and a counselor can help them to do so.

The disadvantage to teen counseling is that sometimes the problems that a teenager has are too serious for a teen counselor to handle. This is the case for teenagers who may suffer from clinical depression, an eating disorder or even an addiction to drugs or alcohol. These types of problems require more help than most teen counseling professionals are trained to give.

Online Teen Counseling

Since so many teenagers have access to the Internet, either at school or at home, it is not uncommon for them to seek out counseling services online. Teen counseling online sometimes makes it easier to open up about one’s problems since they are not face to face with another person. In many cases, teens can connect with other teens that they are more comfortable talking to than they would be with an adult counselor. Many of these online teen counseling services are offered free of charge and in some cases those receiving the counseling services can do so anonymously, increasing the likelihood that they will be more comfortable talking about their feelings.

Grief Counseling For Teens

Teens sometimes need grief counseling after the death of a loved one or a similar life changing event. The teenage years can be difficult enough for anyone, but more so for someone who has suffered a major loss, such as the death of a parent, especially if the death was unexpected.

Teen counseling can help grieving teens as well as their family. Specific subjects such as losing a sibling are tackled by the organization offering the help. Sometimes, art therapy is administered to teens as part of the program and is open to any teen who receives counseling at the center.

High schools and colleges across America have begun sending grief counselors to schools after the death of a student or faculty member. This gives those at the school who were affected by the death the opportunity to talk one-on-one with a grief counselor free of charge.

There have been many books written on the subject of grief counseling and these books can help teenagers who have suffered a devastating loss. These books often give readers effective strategies for coping with and overcoming their grief, something most people need help with at some point during their life. Many activities are suggested to help teenagers cope with their grief, such as writing, painting and other forms of artistic expression. Other suggested activities include becoming involved in martial arts, volunteering in one’s community and joining extracurricular clubs at school. Each of these activities can help students slowly learn how to be happy again after experiencing a grieving period.

Troubled teens often need to undergo grief counseling in order to be able to grow up happy and emotionally healthy. Since so many teens act out in response to their grief, spending time with a counselor who can walk them through the stages of grief can be a huge help. The grief counseling is concluded when a teen finally learns healthy ways to accept their loss and continue on with their life.

Counseling: A Necessity for a Teen’s Life

No matter what the reason for it is, teen counseling is often a necessary part of a young person’s life. When they learn the skills they need to move forward and cope with sadness and anger in a healthy way they can finally begin to heal from their grief. There are countless resources available, from school counselors to online teen counseling, it is accessible to anyone who needs it. Whether a teenager is depressed or simply struggling with all the issues one faces during this time in their life, counseling is often the answer. In many cases a teen’s family and friends need to be involved in the recovery process and, experts agree, should be trained to spot red flags that a teen does need counseling.

Signs that a teenager needs counseling include withdrawal, thoughts of suicide, extended periods of sadness, uncharacteristic mood swings and substance abuse problems. Teens are normally social creatures, so when they start withdrawing this can be a red flag to their parents that the teen needs help. Many teenagers seem to be susceptible to thoughts of suicide and any mention of wanting to harm themselves must be addressed immediately. According to NCHPAD, one out of every four teenagers endure a period of major depression during their high school years.

Teen counseling can save the life of a young person who has become overwhelmed at the thought of coping with the world.

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