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Anti Bullying Lesson Plans: Teacher’s Behavior Suggestions

Teacher's Behavior Suggestions

Developing anti bullying lesson plans has become an important activity in the scope of today’s society, due to the fact that there is more of it. The population of many parts of the world is increasing. The school systems has changed and increased in the number of student participating and the length of time people are spending together in a school setting has increased. People have more social activities they participate in as group activities requiring knowledge of bully repellent.

Anti Bullying Lesson Plans Tips: Remove Yourself from the Situation (Avoidance)

It is not necessary to stay around everywhere. Most people know if trouble will occur in a place try not to be there. Moving in any environment where trouble is likely to occur is not the best proposal. If a bully has a particular hangout and it is not mandatory to be there try not to be. Certainly there is no way to avoid every situation but save the trouble and find a more pleasant place to be. However, if a person really wants to be in a place or participate in an activity the same as others they have a right to do so without the aggravation of being bullied.

Anti Bullying Lesson Plans Tips: Avoid Submissive Behavior

The world is a place that picks up on cues and posture is one of those cues. The way a person handles their body speaks volume about what they will and will not accept. Walking and standing with the body erect can define the way people approach a person and practicing these habits can help a person avoid bullying. No one feels positive all the time but the simple lesson of correct posture and not walking and looking dejected can help anyone escape excess bullying. Everyone is picked on at some point in time but this is one coping skill in anti bullying lesson plans that helps avoid a great deal of it.

Anti Bullying Lesson Plans Tips: Eye Contact

There are so many body language postures that help people in everyday life. Schools, parents and professional life coaches teach eye contact. Looking a person in the eyes helps a person gain confidence. Docile behavior only encourages bullies.

Anti Bullying Lesson Plans Tips: Avoiding Eye Contact

There are times when avoiding eye contact is best. This is to say, do not acknowledge the person. In some circumstance if the presence of a person is not acknowledged they do not have an invitation to address you. But this is a product of judgment and works best with strangers. People working with the person or going to school with them will take liberties because the fell they know them. This is why body language is so important.

Anti Bullying Lesson Plans Tips: Reading

Reading sounds like a boring way to handle bullying but once a child is exposed to what makes the world what it is under the careful guidance of a parent the easier they will find it to handle the bullies of the world. Understanding what make people do some of the things they do is a big help. A working knowledge of everyone is not like them and to expect some friction. Reading teaches, do not take everything personally. The ability to analyze a circumstance takes away any sting it might have. Parents may feel a kid does not have the ability to analyze but if a parent explains they do a very good job of absorbing the information. Reading helps confidence and gives anyone social abilities. Reading creates awareness and many bullies avoid intelligence.

Anti Bullying Lesson Plans Tips: Stop Problems Immediately

Taking care of a problem in the beginning is the best policy with anything. The longer it is left to deteriorate the more damage is done and the harder the problem is to fix. This is true with bullying. A person must learn to stop it before it starts. In the beginning of the dialogue or physical problems a firm stance must be taken. People need to know your body or psyche is not theirs to move and manipulate at will. Refuse to participate in their game and be clear in the meaning. A firm no is generally enough but a bully may present aggression under the guise of play but a child can be taught the difference by a parent. This is also something people know instinctively.

Anti Bullying Lesson Plans Tips: Self Esteem

Every mean thing said is refuted by self-esteem. Ugly words bounce off people with high self-esteem like boulders off of a super hero. Do everything in your power to increase self-esteem. If a person has weight problems this can chip away at self-esteem, learning problems or skin disorders. All of these can be improved or eradicated but it takes work. Exercise, study, sports or other activities can help. Some people are not confident enough to participate in group activities so they can start with things that are a little more solitary. Sometimes participating in activities with strangers helps until confidence is developed. Studying with a new instructor helps.

If it is a child, know your child absorbs your confidence so get in there and exercise with them. Take them out to public places and let them see you interact with people. They will take your cues. Sitting at home and sending them out into the world will not cut it. They need to see assertive not aggressive behavior in practice.

Anti Bullying Lesson Plans Tips: Self Defense

People able to defend themselves are less likely to need to do so. This is a good ability to have. People who have the capacity to defend themselves have confidence and they send out boundary messages people without this ability do not. This is one of the number one ways to stop bullying. Aggression is not the answer but the ability to manage the aggression of others slow the bullying problem to a crawl.

Anti Bullying Lesson Plans Tips: Awareness of Bullying

Parents, Managers and Teachers need to be able to pick up on signs of bullying. People are harassed at school, on jobs and in public places. Children particularly will not always tell someone about bullying. They may feel they can manage it or they can simply appease the bully and some are just too fearful to speak. Fear has signals and people need to be aware of these signals in order to help those placed under the strain of bullying. Bullying is not likely to stop as long as people with their varied personalities exist but the inability to deal with it can be put on a very short leash.

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