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Take Proactive Steps to Stop Bullying

Take Proactive Steps to Stop Bullying

When someone, or a group of people, begins tormenting or bullying another person it typically has very little to do with their target. When looking upon the situation from the outside, it looks very much like a more powerful person ganging up upon their weaker counterpart. However, a deeper issue is going on here. In most cases, the person doing the bullying is the one who has the issues. Learn about Steps to Stop Bullying!

Before you Stop Bullying, learn whether you are a target: 

If you find yourself the target of constant bullying by one person or a group of people, there are steps you can take to make them eventually relent. These steps take time and, in some cases, a lot of patience. You will need guidance from your parents, and support from your friends. Like all challenges you will face throughout your life, you are not expected to face this one alone. Bullying not only diminishes your self-esteem, but it causes depression and other long-term problems. It is time for you to take action, be as strong as possible, and Stop Bullying.

Learn our top 10 Ways To Stop Bullying and how to Say No to Bullying

Suggestions for Steps to Stop Bullying

  • Understand their reason: it is understandable that the last thing you likely want to do is think about your bully, let alone understand their personality or their problems. The first thing you need to understand is that bullies typically instigate problems due to their own deep seeded insecurities. While they may seem powerful and confident on the outside, there might be something you have no idea about going on deep within them. They want to take negative attention away from themselves, and put it on their victim. They also want their self-esteem issues, or whatever other negative feelings they’re experiencing, to be felt by someone else.
  • Become a great actor or actress: when you pretend to forget the haters, you are essentially ignoring them. This is a proactive step toward showing them how proud you are about who you are no matter what they think. This is a difficult step for many to achieve, especially those who are already struggling with self-esteem issues. That is why it is important to get help from your parents, and support from your friends. This is where it will come in handy.
  • Become part of the group: one way to really confuse and frustrate a bully is to laugh with them and not to allow yourself to become the joke. Either make it seem like you agree that the joke is funny, or that they’re pointless and do not make any sense. This prevents them from laughing at you, or allowing anyone from their group to laugh at you. Remember, this tactic may not work the first time and may need to be done over and over again before you finally see it working.
  • Temporarily change: while no one should ever change for anyone, this temporary change idea fits in well with the idea of becoming a good actor or actress. By becoming the exact opposite of what you are getting picked on or bullied about, the bully will become annoyed and leave you alone. I cannot stress enough, though, that this has to be a temporary thing. Your identity should never, ever change for a bully.

In order to forget the haters, you have to take some strong and proactive steps toward ending the bullying. As mentioned before, enlisting the help of friends and family members is essential. Unfortunately, there seems to no end to bullying in sight. However, so long as friends and family members continue to join forces with those who seem to get targeted the most, it can be resolved quickly and without any lasting damage.

If things get serious, learn Steps to Stop Bullying!

There are situations where violence does occur, and the idea is to take steps and act quickly in order to ensure the situation does not escalate and get out of control. If situations do seem like they are too much for a student to handle on their own, it is important for them to involve more than just their friends and their parents. At this point, they should involve teachers and other members of the faculty. That way, the problems can be resolved at an administrative level in a quick and safe manner.

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