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How to Take Care of Yourself – Tips for Parents on Teaching Their Kids How to Deal With Bullies

As a parent, you will always be the one to know when there is something wrong with your child. It is like something that is imprinted in your mind as a parent. If you sense that something is wrong with the well-being of your child, you should definitely ask him or her about it. Hopefully your child will open up to you. If there is a problem with bullying, then you should be the one to teach your child positive ideas like “the proper ways to take care of yourself”.

Knowing What Bullying Means

Bullying is the number one problem in schools these days. It occurs not only in person but also through text messaging and the Internet such as social media websites. You may have heard of similar cases in the news as well. Children usually like to bully the weaker ones because they feel they can overpower them; making them feel superior towards the individual.

Some cases are only very mild and you can just ask teachers to supervise your child a little better, but there are also extreme cases that can lead to dangerous situations. You should avoid these problems at all costs and that is why you have to teach your child “how to take care of yourself” when he or she is being bullied. It is also important to remember that little children are not the only ones getting bullied. Teenagers and even adults experience this problem as well.

Two Ways to Handle Bullies

There are actually two general ways to handle bullies. The first way you can teach your child to handle this problem is to let him or her work it out alone. The other method is to ask for someone else for help. If working things out alone does not help, the child should ask someone he or she can trust like a teacher or parents for advice.

Handling the problem will also depend on how bad the bullying is. There are bullying cases that are only mild which can just be shrugged off. However, there are other instances that can make your child feel unsafe, frightened, and even threatened.

Here are some tips that you can teach your child if you want to let him or her take care of the problem alone:

  • Avoid or ignore the bully if possible. Ignoring the bully can be helpful especially if it only happened once. Bullies will most likely want to get a reaction from your child so they can taunt them further. If ignored, they will most likely lose interest right away.
  • There are also several ways to ignore a bully such as:

– If the bully tries to confront your child, it is better to advise him or her to walk away. Usually a bully will try to bump into someone or make aggressive actions towards a child. However, if the child just walks away, the bully will most likely get bored and move on.

– If a bully is trying to taunt or annoy your child, tell him or her to focus on other thoughts like cartoon programs that will be on TV the next day, count numbers, or try to solve a problem for homework.

– The last way is to teach your child to ignore a bully is to explain one of the take care of yourself quotes that he or she can learn quickly such as: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” by Jim Rohn. It means that you should take care of yourself better. It will give your child the inspiration and courage to not fear the bully anymore.

Teach Your Child About Respect

Your child may already know about respecting teachers but there is a possibility he or she may have difficulty respecting other classmates. Make your child think first before saying anything against another classmate. If what your child says might hurt others, then tell him or her to stop because it is wrong.

There are times that your child will feel angry towards someone and may want to hurt that person. Teach your child how to avoid these emotions by letting him or her do other activities like play a game or talk to another friend about another topic. Lastly, let your child keep in mind that everyone is different and he or she should not judge a person right away. It also helps to prevent your child from bullying others and getting bullied too.

Teach Your Child to be Confident and Positive at All Times

Usually, a bully will always attack the ones who look weaker. Let your child think of skills that he or she is good at which gives a definite boost in confidence levels. Praise your child for these qualities and that will definitely give your child the courage to be positive and confident against those who are bullying him or her.

Teach your child to say “leave me alone” in a confident way. You can also teach your child to be nice to bullies. They may even become friends afterwards. It is also a good idea to teach your child to laugh it off. The bully might even get confused and lose interest because of it.

Let Your Child Have Lots of Friends

If your child has many friends that are positive and friendly, they can be a good boost of confidence. The more friends your child has, the easier it is to just ignore a bully’s taunts. Let your child connect to as many people as possible for that extra confidence booster.

Getting Help From Someone Your Child Trusts

There are times when even if your child has used every method on how to take good care of yourself, the bullying will still go on. There are even times that your child may feel threatened physically or mentally. This can lead your child to fear bullies which can turn him or her into an introvert. When this happens, you should now teach your child the next step which is getting help from someone he or she can trust.

The best people to approach when it comes to bullying are teachers or you as the parent. If your child feels scared of the teacher, tell him or her that teachers are trustworthy because they are like second parents at school. It is their job to look out for the well-being of your child while away from home. There are actually other adults that can also be trusted like older classmates who are friends with your child, older brothers and sisters, guidance counselors at school, and any other adult that your child feels he or she can trust.

Here are some tips to make the situation more comfortable for your child:

  • It should be easier to talk to an adult that both you and your child know and trust. Your child can open up more freely if the person is well-known.
  • Let your child bring a friend to counseling so that it can ease the situation. Your child will probably be less nervous around the adult that he or she is speaking with.
  • Allow your child talk to someone else if your child thinks the adult he or she is talking to does not believe the story that is being told. There are always other people to talk to like you, the parent, or student counselors.
  • Warn your child if he or she feels really threatened. Ask for help right away before the situation gets worse.

Bullying has always been a part of society and a part of childhood. Even though bullying can sometimes be tolerated, it is still something that should be totally avoided altogether. Teach your child the principles on “how to take better care of yourself” when bullied and do not let him or her not become one. It is always about respecting one another and becoming friends so everyone can be happy.

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