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Should You Give Tagged a Shot?


People can be pretty skeptical dealing with an unfamiliar social networking website. Think of it as visiting a new country and deciding whether you’ll get a place to live there or not: you’d want to make sure that the neighborhood is safe, that you can find your daily needs across the corner, that there are enough, and convenient, entertainment venues. Once you have these pieces of information gathered, you can make an informed decision to stay, or to never even visit again. In this article, we will give you a tour around Tagged, and we will leave the decision for you.

What Is Tagged?

People across the Internet will probably have different opinions regarding Tagged. Ranging from “crazy about it” to “worst social media website in the world,” you’ll figure out Tagged may have a chance. With, allegedly, 300 million members, you can bet Tagged probably has its redeeming qualities.
Tagged is a social discovery website. That is, the corporation uses social preferences and personal interests of the users to customize their online experience. Social discovery can be beneficial for the user: you’ll be exposed to items and/or people you’re more likely to be interested in. But people argue that it is purely exploitative: a commercial means to buy your time on the Internet, to sell ads, to gain money on your expense. Ads are annoying until you really come across something you need, and that doesn’t happen often.

Tagged was primarily created to be the “teen Yahoo!” Co-founded by Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-Smith, the website first targeted teenagers beneath the 18 year-old line, only to later allow users of any age to sign up. Ironically, and due to reasons we will come to later, the website eventually restricted teen usage and then completely prohibited under-18 users from signing up, suspending the accounts of those who are already there until they turn 18.

How To Find Your Way around Tagged

Signing up on a new social media website is often the easiest part. You’ll go to to be greeted with the website’s tagline, “The social network for meeting new people.” Joining the network is free and you have 3 approaches at this. You can sign up using your Facebook, your Google+, or your email.

Some people may be quite uncomfortable at the prospect of using a social network to log in on another social network, because basically, you’d be giving access to the new social network to view most of your data, your friend lists, and your preferences. If you find this invasive of your privacy or are worried the website might use your information for commercial purposes, you can always sign up using your email.

Tagged is famous for a few social games that directly aim at expanding your friends list. Unlike Facebook. Tagged advertises for “meeting new people” and socializing. The website allows you many options to get a stranger’s attention; you can use one of their dating techniques, or you can merely send a friendly gift. Many features on Tagged require “gold” to be used. Gold can be bought with real money or can be earned by passing tasks or offers. Either way, according to the users, the gold system can be a fun incentive to play and experiment some more with the website. In a way, Tagged has managed to transform a social network into a fun social interactive game.

Tagged Messages

Like most, if not all, other social networks, Tagged gives you the liberty to use a messaging system to communicate with friends and/or strangers. Messages allow you to have conversations or introduce yourself to a new friend privately. The privacy is of course double edged. In the past, messages were the go-to option for child predators to get to know, and manipulate, underage Tagged users. Now, this issue is overcome.

Because messages are not a real-time chatting method, meaning that you’ll probably have to check the messages page to see every time a friend communicates with you, Tagged users are petitioning for Tagged Messenger. Like Facebook Messenger, Tagged Messenger will make chatting easier on your phone, automatically notifying you of every new message and such.

Tagged’s Fun Features 

Unlike what we are familiar with on Facebook, your Tagged wall can hold much more than your friends’ words. Tagged allows you to send greeting cards, graphic posts, and more.  You can customize your Tagged profile to look the way you fancy, changing its wallpaper, skin, and colors. Tagged gives you more space to personalize your page to your liking. Your friends can comment on your wall using glittery fun stickers and animated pictures.

Tagged Dating

Since the emergence of social networks, people have always found a way to use them in their general quest for love and company. As long as the platform allows socializing, you can bet that people will use it for romance, to meet potential matches, flirt a little, and get a date.

Tagged knew this well and cultivated people’s interest in the possibility of finding their match online. Tagged allows you to view the profiles of strangers, send them “luv,” and of course add them to your list of friends for a chat. There is also the “Meet Me” feature. “Meet Me” is a fun simple way to find Tagged users that match your interest. You add your sexual orientation and tagline and off you go! The feature allows you a “Yes List” that you can add all your potential interests to. You also get notified when other users add you to their “Yes List.” If the “yes” is mutual, you have yourself a match!

Another fun socializing game is Pets. Pets allows you to own, buy, and sell other players as fantasy pets.

The two features are some of Tagged users’ favorite activities and do certainly set Tagged apart from other social networks.

It’s important to know though that online dating can be dangerous for minors and, as well, adults. If you’re considering a romantic relationship off the Internet, be cautious and careful. Plan to meet in a safe public place and don’t trust your potential romantic partner until they prove worthy of your trust.

Tagged’s Past Problems

As a starting, and successful, social network, Tagged had to have its share of setbacks. In 2009, Tagged’s new photo tagging policy got it in trouble, annoying a lot of people and gaining Tagged a bad reputation for spamming. Apparently, Tagged asked users for their emails and password, retrieving their address book and sending bulk mails to everyone in their list. The emails were deceptive and quite spammy, stating that Person X has tagged photos of you, to view them, click the link. The link takes them to a sign up page that also sneakily gets their approval to spam a newer list of friends. In the end, the promised photos were nonexistent.

The issue got Tagged the label “The World’s Most Annoying Website,” on Time, something that Tagged rushed to apologize for and try to fix. Tagged was then sued for “deceptive email marketing and invasion of privacy” and paid a settlement of $500,000. After a lot of fees and compensations, Tagged promised to delete all the email addresses they collected in the process.

The crisis was mostly unintentional, a miscalculation of the results and an unexpected issue in the system. And though the spamming incident lasted for only 72 hours, Tagged had to pay for it dearly. The founders tell the detailed story in an interview with Inc. Magazine.

Tagged has installed rules and boundaries for intermingling between minors and adults. Primarily created to be a teen website, Tagged eventually failed to do so. Despite the measures, cases of child harassment and child pornography material were associated with the website.

The issue with the Internet is that anyone can lie about their age to avoid age boundaries. Tagged has finally restricted signing up for underage users to avoid the issue altogether.

Tagged Acquisitions

Since the Tagged company has had to stop an IPO (initial public offering) in October of 2014, they decided to acquire a couple of new products. One of those is a social media chat engine that was meant for mobile devices. Users can now instantly message each other, enjoying a better means of communication. Tagged now has highly ranked apps on both Apple’s play store and Google’s.

Social networks can be so much fun. You’ll probably enjoy having your own online space where you can freely express your thoughts and preferences and effortlessly enjoy meeting new people in a safe controlled environment. But you have to be wary, because despite it being a virtual cyber space, the people on it are very real. And real people can be evil, abusive, and manipulative. Cyber safety should be your first priority if you’re introducing your children to the Internet, and were you to use them for romantic purposes yourself, have the utmost care and keep an eye for scams and abusers.

If you’re careful and safe, Tagged can be an awesome experience!

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