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Bullying in Peru

There is a “code of silence” that pervades Peruvian society, which makes it hard to get a definitive answer as to the level of bullying in Peru, a study at¬†the University¬† De San Martin De Porres in Lima, Peru concluded. This university study said even students are hesitant to admit they have been bullied because

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The Impact of Bullying Words on the Victim

Bullying is a physical or psychological aggressive behavior intended to harm or hurt others. The bully uses offensive bullying words in the process of victimization. The general view is to make the affected person seem worthless, unloved, and uncared for. The increase in the use of these words saw the introduction of a zero tolerance

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Facts Every Parent Needs To Know About Bullying In Ireland

So what about Bullying in Ireland ? – Long range studies show that approximately 60% of boys who were characterized as bullies in grades 6-9 had at least one conviction by the age of 24. Even more dramatically, as much as 30-40% of former bullies had three or more convictions by this age. Thus as

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