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Various Not So Scary Types of Stalkers

There is always a room between love and war. However, there are no finer lines between obsession and love because it is an unhealthy line that can be handled incorrectly and may result in situations that are best described as unlucky. In life, you cannot get anything you like no matter how rich or beautiful

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I am stalked!

Even after more than a decade of revelations about bullying in all of its forms, the statistics are still alarming. Did you know that a study conducted by the Department of Justice in the year 2000 found that for every twelve women, one will be stalked at least once in her lifetime? Most of the

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Tips On Dealing With a Stalker

How to learn dealing with a stalker The most important thing to do is to tell him or her in a soft and instantly recognizable manner to stop their behaviour, keep in mind to tell them only ONCE. a Stalker wants a response from you. Dry up their fascination similar to famishing a fire by means of depriving it

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