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Anti Bullying Groups: Something Like Family

Bullying has taken a turn for the worst. School is no longer one of the greatest places to make friends and meet new people. Children and adults of all ages can become victims of bullying. Many people who are victims of bullying feel they have no one to talk to. Telling on a bully can

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Protect Our Kids Through Anti Bully Awareness

There are many different ways a child can be bullied. Bullying can occur at home, in their neighborhood and at school. It is important that we as parents are aware of what is happening in our child’s life and to ensure he or she is free from any bullying activity. Kids who are involved with

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Video on Bullying in Schools Offers Valuable Tips to Parents

A new video on bullying in schools is helping parents and caregivers understand the reality. It is also offering some great advice to deal with it. Bullying is not a new phenomenon. Children and teens have experienced it for decades. Many parents also consider it an essential rite of passage. However, recent numbers have made

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