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Cyber Bullying Facts Every Canadian Parent Should Know

Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that takes place on electronic devices, such as computers, tablets, video games systems, and cellphones. It involves posting or sending images or text design to embarrass, torment, or hurt another individual. With the prevalence of technology in the lives of children and teens today, it’s important that Canadian parents

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Cyberbullying and Australia– A Guide

Cyberbullying isn’t just a fad- it’s become a way of life. No longer do bullies wait until you get to school or work to torment you, they disturb you in your home, during dinner, while you sleep and even while you drive. You are unable to find safety as this type of abuse lasts all

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What Every Parent Should Know About Cyberbullying in New Zealand

Children and teens have been bullying each other for decades, possibly for centuries. There is always a kid who feels that he or she is superior to others and chooses to pick on the weaker or different child. In the past, bullying was restricted to the playground at school, in the classroom, or at the

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