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8 Facts about The Arranged And Forced Marriage

Arranged marriages are something that have easily caused quite a lot of controversy over the past couple hundred years. However, most people who make assumptions about forced marriage do not know all of the arranged marriage facts and information in order to make a good judgment. Here are some informative facts about arranged marriages that

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Are we Still Victim Blaming?

There are tons of issues that any victim has to work through in the wake of any attack or event and one that is completely unnecessary but happens more often than not is victim shaming. In a society that chooses to blame the victim more often than the attacker or assailant, it is no wonder

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Awareness Months: Ribbons to Save Lives

Knowledge is power, especially when the enemy can sneak up on you, completely unexpected, with you, completely unprepared. Often, humans are very fragile. You go on with your life never considering the possibility of a life-changing event, and not the good type of life change. The vessels that carry our human consciousness, our bodies, are

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Being Lured: What to Look Out For

The world is not a safe place. Every day we hear of a child or a teenager disappearing, kidnapped, or even worse, trafficked or abused. Crime is a constant in our societies despite the best efforts of authorities and the police. Consequently, it’s essential to understand how to protect yourself and your loved ones, and

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What You Need To Know About Statutory Rape

Overview of Statutory Rape The first question to come in mind is; What is Statutory Rape? When you define statutory rapeā€”it is having sexual intercourse with someone under the legal age required to consent for such actions, basically a minor. Depending on state laws, statutory rape age is normally 18 or 16 at the time

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Rape Statistics

Rape Statistics Rape is defined as the assault of a person being forced into a sexual act and/or other forms of penetration. It can be categorized as being made to do something against one’s will or in a physical way. Sex becomes rape as soon as consent is revoked or denied. Rape does not discriminate,

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Rape Victims: Stories and Prevention

Rape Victims: An Overview of Rape and Sexual Assault Rape and sexual assault are very serious crimes which can lead to serious physical and emotional damage. According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), 237,868 people are victims of sexual assault. Every two minutes, a sexual assault occurs. RAINN also reports that forty

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Date Rape Drugs

Date rape drugs can be physically and emotionally devastating for victims. It is possible for date rape to still occur when drugs are not involved, however, the victim is a bit more agreeable and less likely to fight back when a drug has been used. There have been laws passed and awareness programs started to

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Being Roofied Symptoms and Tell-Tales

Roofie is the slang term for Flunitrazepam, a hypnotic sedative drug and a muscle relaxant. However, Roofies are often used for entirely different non-medical purposes. In parties or clubs, roofies are known to be the "date rape drugs," sneaked discreetly into a woman's drink so she would lose consciousness or resistance, making her an easy Read more

Understanding the Ugly Face of Date Rape

Date rape is a devastating experience that is very often under-reported and under-prosecuted. What is even worse is that the victim often suffers even more when video of the attack is posted to social media or the victim is bullied by peers and others as if the victim is at fault for the attack. Shocking

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The Dynamics of Teen Rape and Its Problems

Teen rape is a serious, significant crime that often goes understated because both parties tend to be under age, not adults, and are still seen as developing teens. As a result, the incident has for years been written off has teenagers behaving badly and victim teenagers putting themselves in avoidable, bad situations. In reality a

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The Ugly Presence of School Rape

When a former student says “I was raped at school,” it’s the kind of statements that causes everything to stop and freeze for those who hear it. Being raped in school is not what our modern society expects to hear. It signals such a degradation of society that one has to wonder what exactly is

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