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Negativity Quotes Have Turned From Humor to Deadly

Negativity quotes are weapons of mass destruction. They destroy the self confidence and prohibit emotional health and character growth of both attacker and victim. The use of negativity thinking quotes instigate groups against each other and cause the permanent prejudices that eventually set hatred aflame and defeat compassion and cultural understanding of others. From the

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Bullying Quotes: Australian Bullying Stops Now

Bullying Quotes: Australian Bullying Stops Now Australian parents are playing catch-up today, searching for bully quotes, quotes about bullying, and quotes on bullying—anything to help them try to combat the already huge problem upon Australian students: bullies! Unfortunately, bullying has become such a hefty issue that Australian school teachers and parents have no choice but

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I am stalked!

Even after more than a decade of revelations about bullying in all of its forms, the statistics are still alarming. Did you know that a study conducted by the Department of Justice in the year 2000 found that for every twelve women, one will be stalked at least once in her lifetime? Most of the

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