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What is Phobia? Defining the World of Phobias Today

What is Phobia? A Psychological Definition and Applications to the Real World Kids are afraid of a lot of things…school, failure, bullying, family stresses, loss of status, and more. But what is a phobia and how do you know that your child may suffer from a phobia? The clinical definition of a “phobia,” is an

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Do You Have Fear of Strangers?

Fear of strangers occurs in boys and girls when they are approached by people they do not know.This occurs even when children live with caring parents and caregivers in a safe environment. This can occur when infants are about 8 months and often ends when the child reaches two years old. Children can develop this

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How to Define Agoraphobia Today?

Most people experience some type of anxiety at one time in their life. Some anxiety is normal for people who are in new or unfamiliar situations. If anxiety happens often to the point of being debilitating, it can signal a greater problem. Frequent episodes of intense fear and anxiety are often associated with agoraphobia. Learn How

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