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I am stalked!

Even after more than a decade of revelations about bullying in all of its forms, the statistics are still alarming. Did you know that a study conducted by the Department of Justice in the year 2000 found that for every twelve women, one will be stalked at least once in her lifetime? Most of the

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How to Stop Cyberbullying in Australia

Bullying has become more complex in the past decade due in part to advances in technology, particularly the development of the Internet, and the widespread use of cellphones. Learn How to Stop Cyberbullying in Australia Now! To prevent cyberbullying, it is essential to first understand what it is and how to identify it. Cyberbullying is the

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How to prevent Cyber Bullying As an Adult Using the Internet

No internet user is immune to cyber-bullying. No matter your age or your interest on the internet, you can still get attacked. Learn How to prevent CyberBullying! Cyber-attacks do not just happen on social media websites. Long before these kinds of websites were introduced to the scene, internet schemes and frauds happened all the time, and

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