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Bullying in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has one of the highest rates of bullying in the South American and Caribbean areas, according to an article in the news website Diario Libre. Citing various studies that showed 60 or more percent of students have been victims of bullying in Dominican Republic. There were studies in 2011 and in 2014,

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Bullying in Guatemala

Bullying is a real problem in Guatemala. A recent news story gripped the nation when a sixth grade student in Michoacan was attacked and eventually died from his wounds, at school. According to the story, one student choked the boy and he fell to the ground. Other students then began kicking him until he was

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Bullying in Chile

A study conducted by the national department of education showed bullying in Chile is a widespread problem in the schools. According to a story in the Santiago Times, nearly all students at the high school level have experienced bullying of some kind. “Bullying is an illness and it’s here to stay,” said Chile’s Education Minister

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