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Since the beginning of humanity there have always been people attracted to the opposite gender, others attracted to the same gender, some attracted to both genders, and others who identify with the opposite gender that is other than their physical body. At different times in history and under different cultures, this variety in the human

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Living with or around a homophobic person if you are LGBTQ is difficult emotionally and psychologically. Daily, you endure insults and slurs about your sexual orientation. You may have tried to reason with these persons, but nothing you have said has helped. You’ve tried to understand them, knowing that the political and cultural climate encourages

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Gay Rights Movement

One of the most visible social movements today is the gay rights movement. Topics on civil equality, gay marriage, and social acceptance dominate many political debates, as well as conversations between private citizens. The intensity of discrimination against gays has ebbed and flowed over the past several millennia. History of Homosexuality Around the World Gay

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