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Major Bullying Targets in the UK

As ironic as it sounds; bullying as a notion is rather objective. But what about Bullying Targets? There is no standard victim or trigger- only the outcome can be agreed on. Generally speaking bullies do have a criterion for singling out their victim; examples are: Do they come off as a vulnerable character or someone easy

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Bullying at School, The Essential Facts

The Basics of Bullying at School In past years, school bullying has taken on toll on students as well as parents. Unfortunately, the number of bullying crimes that occur at school have drastically increased. Due to this factor, parents and many students are wondering what can be done to prevent bullying in schools from happening

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Homophobic Bullying in Ireland: OP-ED

So, what about Homophobic Bullying in Ireland? If we do not stand up to prejudice in all its forms, if we condone it or stand by while it happens…then how do we expect the world to be any kinder to us? When examining Homophobic Bullying in Ireland, one must ponder the reasons as to the spread of Homophobic

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