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Interview: Bullying in Education

Juanita Allen Kingsley is Director of Business Development for Century Health Systems, the parent company of the Natick Visiting Nurse Association and Distinguished Care Options.   A health educator, she trains more than 2,000 people in the MetroWest region annually through her First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, CPR and AED classes in addition to the variety

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What Does Bullying in Australia Look Like?

Australia is known for being a beautiful country with a large diversity of activities tourists can enjoy. However, not everyone knows that Australia, just like every other country in the world, has to deal with bullying. Bullying in Australia is a problem that is being addressed by officials. This is beneficial to its citizens since

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Locating Anti Bullying Resources

Anti bullying resources are very important in addressing this crucial topic. However, you should learn where to find some valid resources to report bullying or get help when you -in case of parents, your kids- are bullied. Anti Bullying Organizations Anti bullying organizations have increased in number ever since bullying became a global awareness issue. Every city

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