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Victims of Crime

People that are victims of crime go through so much emotional trauma and stress. However, they should not feel ashamed or guilty about it. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a crime, know that it is not your fault or theirs and that it is something that you should come

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Helpful Tips on Crime Prevention

No individual, community, or business is ever 100 percent immune to crime; however, a lot can be done to alleviate crime once people become aware of crime patterns, targets, and motives. Statistics show that after a systematic review of hot spots and areas where crime was rampant was made by officers, theft went down by

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What Is Scientology? A Review on the Truths and the Lies

Since the dawn of history, Man has been attempting to understand his surroundings, the purpose of his existence, and the mysteries of the universe. The world seemed too big and too complicated to just work all on itself, so Man looked up and wondered if someone (or something) out there has made it. He observed

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What is Jail Bait?

Jailbait or jail bait is slang for a minor who is underage for sexual consent yet is found sexually attractive by an adult. Jail bait definition stems from the fact that if you get involved sexually with a minor, who is under the legal age of sexual consent, you will go to jail. This is

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The Crime Victim Support System in the UK

The tabloids in the U.K. are pasted almost daily with stories about how people were attacked, stolen from, beaten, and even murdered. However, the stories always seem to end with the court case and a conviction. After that, nothing more is heard in the press about what happened to those involved or whether there was

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The Why and How of Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency, commonly referred to as “teenage crime,” is taking a large toll on American society today. Both those who commit the crime and crime victims suffer as a result of this problem. Juvenile crimes can range from mild offenses to very serious violations of state or federal law that can adversely affect a young

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Crime Statistics in the United States

Have you ever wondered how crime statistics are collected and where the data comes from? There are three major agencies the United States uses to collect crime data. They consist of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Justice, and the National Crime Victimization Survey. Unfortunately there are many crimes that go unreported for

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Understanding Black on Black Crime

With the tragic 2014 events in Ferguson, Missouri and the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida, it’s no secret that not only does white on black violence get a lot of media coverage, but it also incites a lot of anger and controversy. These issues should certainly be discussed, but what often gets undeservedly shoved under

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Understanding Xenophobia in Today’s World

The dictionary attempts to define xenophobia as “an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers, or of their politics and culture.” While this serves as a framework for understanding what xenophobia means, it does little to impart the impact that xenophobia has on the victims who are the target of such abuse. Examples of

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Homophobia: History and Definitions

Many gay, lesbian and transsexual individuals experience harassment and aggression in social groups because of an ingrained homophobia that exists in the general population that makes some members of a group act out against them. The attackers’ profound discomfort can cause them to belittle, bully or even physically abuse the gay person. Although attitudes are

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Being Roofied Symptoms and Tell-Tales

Roofie is the slang term for Flunitrazepam, a hypnotic sedative drug and a muscle relaxant. However, Roofies are often used for entirely different non-medical purposes. In parties or clubs, roofies are known to be the "date rape drugs," sneaked discreetly into a woman's drink so she would lose consciousness or resistance, making her an easy Read more

Cybercrime Law

These days, it seems almost impossible that an American teenager could function, let alone thrive, without online access. No matter what your initial reservations about the dangers that await minors online, there’s no denying that hyper-connectivity is inevitable and that it’s impossible to control 100% of your child’s computer activity. Learn about Cybercrime Law & the

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