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What Is Child Neglect?

What is Child Neglect? Child neglect occurs when a child is not properly cared for. The child will experience a lack of nutrition, medical attention, educational needs, supervision, emotional and housing needs, and basic day to day necessities. Millions of cases of child neglect goes unreported each year. Parents, caregivers and guardian have the responsibility

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Child Neglect: Stop the Cycle By Reporting Suspected Neglect

Child abuse and neglect both leave serious scars behind, but in many cases, it’s harder to identify the signs of neglect. Ensuring that children receive the help that they need quickly increases their chance of healing, breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect. According to the American Humane Association, out of the children who experience

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When does Child Abuse become Negligence?

When it comes to children there are plenty of very impassioned people out there that have published tons of research on the subject. As such, it is now easier than ever to learn just what child abuse is, what types of abuse are out there, and to learn a little bit more about when child

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