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Bullying in Honduras

Honduras is one of the Central American nations struggling with violence and poverty. According to a United Nations study, in a story published by Al Jazeer, about 40 percent of children report having been victims of bullying in Honduras. That is not the greatest of their worries however, as there are many murders and robberies

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What to Do About a Bullied Child

Monica was a smart child with high reading and math skills, but a bit of a loner. She wasn’t good in sports because of an undiagnosed asthmatic condition and therefore quickly became unpopular among her peers. Soon girls and even boys taunted and teased her about being fat and ugly. Despite her attempts at telling her mom about

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How to Define Modesty in Relation to Bullying

Modesty is more than dressing appropriately for the situation whether going to school or shopping for groceries. It is showing respect for those around you by the way you speak and act around them. It means showing respect and empathy for the situation or place you are in. It is not an easy road to

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