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What to Do About a Bullied Child

Monica was a smart child with high reading and math skills, but a bit of a loner. She wasn’t good in sports because of an undiagnosed asthmatic condition and therefore quickly became unpopular among her peers. Soon girls and even boys taunted and teased her about being fat and ugly. Despite her attempts at telling her mom about

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Are you Bullied By A Teacher ?

Bullied By A Teacher? Learn about Bully Teachers and the Challenges Dealing With Them Despite education and highlighting of the matter, people expect bullying to happen in school just like they expect winters to be cold and wet. It’s a regular occurrence in every institution. However, what is not expected is when a child is bullied

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What to do About Bullying?

Bullying is one of the most long lasting and unsettling experiences most human beings will have to deal with in their life. Whether you are young or old, big or little, or any of the other characteristics that can mark you ‘different–you will experience it. Many parents will feel absolutely helpless when they see that

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