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Parents Who Are Aware Can Help Stop Bullying

How to Stop Bullying in Australia  Chloe’s Story Perhaps the best known face of the newly emerging support and awareness campaigns and anti bullying slogans in Australia is 15-year-old Chloe Elizabeth Fergusson. Chloe’s December, 2013 death sparked an outcry and made many more people aware of the prevalence of bullying in Australia. Her case created

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Get Involved: UK Antibullying Programmes and Events

Victimised schoolchildren,concerned parents, and frustrated teachers alike are struggling against a rising epidemic of school bullying. According to one poll, parents’ worst fear when sending their children off to secondary school for the first time is that they’ll be bullied. They have reason to worry: nearly half of pupils in UK schools will experience bullying

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How Does The Victim Feel When You See Bullying Pictures?

In the past 15 years portable media devices like smartphones have become second nature to almost all adolescents in the civilized world. These devices provide immediate communication and connection between people of many different diverse groups across the world. Unfortunately, with such an influx of technological advances comes a new method of torment and harassment

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