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Suicide Stories in Australia

Suicide is something that many people contemplate at one point in their lives because life is difficult, and negative emotions can seem overwhelming. Suicide is never justified, though, no matter how bad things get. Those that have contemplated, attempted or have committed suicide can teach us all valuable lessons about suicide and the issues surrounding this tragic action. Take note with Suicide Stories today. 

Poor Medical Assistance

Mental health professionals can go a long way in helping those with suicidal tendencies deal with their issues, by administering talk therapy and similar treatments. It’s important that parents with suicidal children make sure their kids are getting the best treatment possible. Otherwise, doctors may overlook serious situations and allow unstable patients to leave their care. For example, a 17-year-old patient was released prematurely from an Australian hospital, only to throw himself in front of a train weeks later. A parent of the teenager pointed out numerous gaps in the hospital’s system of care.

This tragic story is not only sad but frustrating. The parents of the teenager did the right thing by trying to get their child help.

The doctors in this case did not give the child the attention that he needed, nor did they properly assess his mental status, according to his parents. Quality medical care can be one of the best tools for helping people suffering from suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety. Healthcare providers need to have the systems and procedures in place to adequately assess patients the first time, so that miss-diagnosis and tragedy can be avoided.

Misguided Beliefs

Religious zealots have been known to misguide young people and teenagers into committing suicide in the name of their religion. An 18-year-old Australian committed a suicide bombing in Iraq, which killed and injured innocents. He did so in the name of his religion, which is not a good reason for suicide. It’s important to watch one’s friends, family and neighbors to make sure their religious views haven’t gotten out-of-hand, because society can end-up suffering the negative repercussions of beliefs gone wrong.

In general, misguided beliefs can lead to the untimely death of innocent people. Whether its bad ideas about religion or social interaction, society must remain watchful of those that exhibit unsettling beliefs. Even though a warped perception of the world may not seem dangerous in the beginning, it can cause people to commit suicide and hurt those around them. In particular, if someone starts to embrace fanatical religious beliefs, it’s time for those around them to step in and help the affected person make a change.

Severe Mental Illness

Those struggling with serious mental illness have a hard time fitting into society. They often withdraw and become outcasts, which can make them suicidal. Australia is full of stories where individuals suffering from mental disorders commit suicide. Family members of those with severe mental illness can have a hard time dealing with patients. For this reason, support systems are needed to help families deal with mentally ill individuals.

Unfortunately, medical personnel can only help so much. The strain on families can become very great, which is a problem for all stakeholders in society. If one cannot manage their mentally ill family member, they must reach out for help and support. There is no reason to let things get out of hand, especially when suicide can result from the neglect of a mentally ill person. Although mentally ill individuals can be hard to deal with, family members must go the extra mile to make sure they’re taken care of.


In Australia, confidentiality laws can make it difficult for spouses and family members to get involved in the healthcare of their loved ones. As a result, it can be difficult to help those afflicted by mental illness. If a family member is unaware of their loved one’s illness, it can be much harder to help them through the rough times. If suicidal tendencies are the issue, confidentiality laws keep the loved ones of those that are afflicted in the dark.

This is unfortunate, because family members can be a great source of support and help for those that are suicidal. But if family members are unaware their loved ones are suffering, the situation can become unmanageable. Although there is a reason for confidentiality laws and many support them, they can be a roadblock to helping those that are suffering. Suicide is something that requires not only counseling, but it requires loved ones to support the afflicted.

Loss of a Loved One

When a loved one dies, the loss can be extremely hard to deal with. For instance, the death of a child or a spouse can be devastating. Suicidal thoughts can result from the loss. So, if a family member or a friend is grieving over the loss of a spouse or child, they need to be supported and watched. Otherwise, another untimely death or tragedy may occur. Suicidal thoughts are not uncommon in these situations, because the grief can be overwhelming.

It’s important to remember, though, that life goes on. There is no reason to give up hope that life can get better. Life is hard for everyone from time-to-time, and suicide is never the answer to make the pain go away. Suicide is a permanent action that cannot be taken back, and it impacts more than just the person committing the act. Pain is often temporary and it can dissipate with time. So, if a child or spouse dies, it’s important to grieve but maintain hope for the future.


If a spouse cheats or leaves a relationship for another person, the person left behind can develop suicidal thoughts. This is a common reaction to betrayal in a romantic relationship. Also, a husband finding out he is not the biological father of his children can be quite a blow. In these situations, suicide may not only seem like a way of getting rid of the pain, but it may also be seen as a form of revenge. This is not the correct way to deal with the situation.

Although the pain may seem unbearable over the short-term, it will lessen over time. There is no reason to give cheaters the pleasure of a suicide. Love is something that can be hard to recover from when it goes bad, but there is always hope for the future. If one is suffering from a relationship gone awry, there is support available from family members. There is also no reason to take failed relationships out on children either. It’s not their fault, and they need to know that in order to develop properly after their parents part ways.

Financial Loss

Losing money can be painful, but complete financial ruin can make suicide look appealing. There is no reason to commit suicide, just because one’s finances are temporarily out of control. It’s important to keep one’s finances in the proper perspective. There is more to life than just money. However, those that have lost their homes, retirements and other large assets or dollar amounts, often feel despair. They may think that suicide is the only way out.

Money situations can make life extremely difficult, but things can get better. There is no reason to take one’s life prematurely, just because of a foreclosure or a bankruptcy. It’s important to remember that the economy is cyclical and that times can be good and bad. There are programs in place to help those that are struggling financially, which is something that many people forget. Suicide is never the answer, because money can be re-earned.

Root Cause Analysis

The root cause of a suicide story and suicidal tendencies can be hard to pinpoint. Sometimes the root cause of the pain can be something embarrassing and difficult to talk about. So, if someone is depressed or is suffering from anxiety, it’s important to get them to talk about their problems even if it’s a multi-stage process. There are too many teenage suicide stories, suicide attempt stories and cyber bullying suicide stories, where families or friends allow those troubled by suicide to slip away because they didn’t ask enough questions. It can be easy to take “I’m fine” for an answer, when what’s needed is an in-depth discussion.

Suicide is never the right answer to life’s troubles. That’s why it’s important to recognize the issues surrounding suicidal stories, so that those suffering from suicidal tendencies can be helped. The tragedy of suicide stories can be avoided through vigilance and the assistance of those struggling with life.

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