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Why Suicide Chat is Invaluable

Suicide chat is a form of intervention during a precarious thought process a young person goes through as they consider ending their own life. As parents, we don’t like to think of our children as being sad and miserable, but the reality is that teen years can bring much angst.

To better understand the vulnerability of our young people, it is wise to become well versed in the world of risky behaviors and suicidal tendencies. When warning signs do present themselves, there are professional counselors that are trained to bring comfort and hope to those experiencing feelings of “no way out”. Those professionals are reachable through suicide chat helplines.

Watch out for Depression

When teens experience a sense of being overwhelmed and discouraged, their emotions can quickly spiral into depression and may then be followed by tragic action. With a limited perspective, teenagers often feel consumed by their fears and insecurities. They are unable to realize that their situation will change and that things will get better. As a parent, it is important to recognize episodes in life where a young person may become vulnerable to depression.

Causes of Depression

  • Bullied – If a child is being victimized or bullied, they may feel “beaten down” and become sullen and depressed.
  • Domestic problems – Divorce, death of someone close, and poor parent/child communication can lead to severe sadness.
  • Pressure to succeed or belong – When parents and peers put pressure on a teen to perform well or behave a certain way, this leads to feelings of  “not measuring up”, and poor self confidence may develop.
  • Relationship issues – a broken heart or rejection by someone important can lead to serious depression in teenagers.
  • Abuse – When a teen is being abused physically, emotionally, sexually, or all of the above, they are at high risk for developing depression.

Suicide Statistics

According to the CDC, for every successful act of teen suicide, more than one hundred attempts are made. Common suicide methods include suffocation, guns, and poisoning. Between the ages of 15 and 19, more boys try suicide than girls; four times as many. Boys are likely to take action, and suffocation is the method most often used. Regardless of sex, the loss of a young person is a tragedy. It is imperative that parents and people in daily contact with a teen be observant for the classic warning signs of depression and suicide.

Warning Signs

When a person mentions that they are thinking about killing themselves, take heed. Expression of suicidal thoughts should always be taken seriously; these words should never be taken lightly.

Indulging in dangerous behavior is a clear warning sign that a young person has become a hazard to themselves. A sudden interest in guns, substance abuse (using alcohol and/or drugs), practicing self-mutilation, such as cutting – all of these practices may be an indication of depression and potential suicide.

Suicide may seem the only solution when a young person only sees the “here and now”. While in the throes of depression, a person may believe that their family will be better off without them, or by taking their own life it will teach someone else a lesson. This immature thinking is caused by a limited perspective to see the big picture and realize that help could be just a conversation away.

Helpful Communication

Conversation is crucial when counseling someone through depression and harmful behaviors. Solutions can be built and understanding can be provided. All human beings need conversation.

Suicide chat counselors are well trained in listening and guiding a young person away from fatal thoughts. Suicide chat is available to be the savior in the night, and the voice to offer comfort and hope in a moment of desperation.

When people feel alone, they feel more desperate; this is human nature. By offering compassion, either via a telephone conversation or through a suicide chat dialogue, people can connect with another person who offers support. Suicide chat is intended to assist those in need with trained professionals.

Suicide Chat Rooms

The purpose of suicide chat is to counsel a person considering ending their own life. In today’s society, especially due to the prevalence of social media, suicide is becoming a global epidemic among young people.

Options for finding counsel are many and include opportunities to speak with someone via the telephone or with an online suicide chat. These experts on the other end of communications become the liaisons to a hopeful state of mind.

If family and friends are aware of a potential tragedy, they may contact a suicide prevention helpline or website where counselors are trained to guide people close to the teen in assisting and supporting the troubled individual.  There are facilities that may welcome the young person where they are fully equipped to deal with depression, anger and substance abuse. The prevention chat is designed to help families before a child is lost.

Rebuilding a Life

A suicidal young person will need help to find his or her way back to feeling good about themselves and their life after being suicidal. Without professional help, rebuilding a life is difficult. It is recommended that a licensed therapist be utilized to assist with creating a solid foundation of trust and connection with family members. It is possible to heal and grow from this experience.

Sometimes an opportunity is created within crisis for families to become stronger and learn how to fulfill the needs of one another. With help, parents can learn to provide the safety and structure that children of all ages require. Parents should learn how to listen to their teenager and demonstrate respect. During the process of rebuilding, issues from the past and present may surface and be remedied while new relationships may be forged.

Mysterious Loss

Hopefully the people surrounding the troubled teen can intervene in time to make a difference; however there are cases where a family is left shaken and shocked because there were no warning signs.

Most of the time, there are clues and signs that parents may notice prior to a suicide or an attempt. On very rare occasions, there is no warning, and parents lose their child without any indication of a problem. It may be years, if ever, before the reason for their death is known.

Understanding that a child is fully capable of experiencing deep depression and is able to take their own life should keep parents fully engaged in their relationship to help build their teen into a person who feels valued and respected. When a teen is in trouble, it is a tumultuous journey for everyone involved. When a child escapes observation, grief can overtake an entire family and they are left with questions. To stay in touch with a teen during trying times will likely prevent undesirable action, but not always.

The Value of Connection

When parents or family members are able to realize that a teen needs help, the first step is to connect with them. In the event that a child feels alone, the suicide chat line is available to provide a shoulder to lean on. Connecting with others provides instant relief to most as depression causes a person to feel isolated.

The suicide online chat helps people reach out and find a connection to another human being; to someone who cares. When someone expresses concern, a depressed person may find relief and comfort. This is true for an individual who is suffering with suicidal thoughts and also for family in search of solutions. The suicide hotline is meant to bring options for everyone dealing with the crisis of suicide. This is a family struggle that many don’t realize affects families around the globe.

The suicide hotline online chat is available 24/7 for help at all hours. When a young person or a family member is dealing with a potential suicide, the time to act is now. There may not be a later, so paying attention to warning signs, including verbal or written threats of ending one’s own life, is crucial.

When life becomes unbearable and improving circumstances seems impossible, suicide may appear to be a viable option for eliminating pain. Parents can take steps to intervene and let their child know that hope is not lost. By contacting a suicide chat line, there is a built in support network that becomes instantly available. With professionals guiding the conversation, help can be obtained in a non-threatening environment and hope may be produced with a sympathetic ear.

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