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The Advantages of a Suicide Chat Room


Advantages of a Suicide Chat Room: Free, Non-judgmental Help for Those With Suicidal Tendencies

The Threat of Suicide by an Individual is a Response to Pain in that Person’s Life.

Suicide is an ugly reality among individuals in this day and age. Formerly an unthinkable act to use to solve problems because it was regarded with such horror and forbidden by most religious traditions worldwide, the incidence of suicide has risen as a solitary means of remedying pain. Far from being an actual solution for the sufferer, suicide only stops the pain by stopping the life that goes along with the pain without really fixing the cause.

Suicide by Public Personalities Who Have Used the Act to Solve Their Problems Presents an Unfortunate Example to Vulnerable Individuals.

Suicide statistics are not helped by the very public suicides of beloved individuals such as Robin Williams and many other pop-culture greats. It would be far better for public role models to act as examples by publicly asking for and getting help than to have yet another “success” in their lives by orchestrating their own deaths before the impressionable world. Their mark on society should be to inspire greatness, rather than being a statistic for anyone discouraged to emulate.

There Are No Solutions for Suicide Which Are Effective in Every Situation

Often, remedies like drug therapy and talk-therapy have been used to respond to suicidal threats. Although there is not a suicide drug available to modern medicine, various antidepressants and mood elevators have had promising results in helping to prevent suicide while another, more permanent fix for the problem is found which relieves the pain and allows the individual to return to a functional state.

Newer Forms of Help in the Form of Suicide Chat rooms Are Developing

Various methods of help and intervention have become available and are being used to help those individuals in pain having suicidal inclinations. The advent of the Internet with its suicide chat rooms is providing a welcome and discreet outlet to give suicidal individuals a new location to find relief and support.

A Suicide Threat Should Always be Taken Seriously

Because a suicidal person does not really want to die, but rather wants relief from whatever hell s/he is experiencing, a suicide chatroom, free and confidential, provides the type of support needed by the sufferer to make it through the personal unseen hell. Whether that hell is the result of family problems, relationship upheaval, grade-or career problems, bullying at any age, or self image insecurity, these problems are very real to the troubled individuals and must be treated as such by anyone trying to help by intervening.

Suicide Hot Lines and Chat Rooms Afford a Measure of Support to the Suicidal

A suicide help hotline is a good start; these venues provide a confidential means for a suicidal individual to explore her pain with another individual with the hope that the phone counselor can provide alternatives to the problems causing suicidal feelings and desires.

The Existence of and Potential for Suicide Should Be Discussed Openly

Being able to have a suicide prevention chat in the context of a youth group or Sunday school program or online in a suicide chat room is an excellent way to present the suicide topic to any age group. Because suicide is so visible in the mainstream after such public suicides as Robin Williams, even small children should be offered the truth gently and afforded a forum to deal with and discuss the event.

Chat Rooms Which are Pro Suicide Exist

Pro suicide chat rooms exist and may have their place in the mental health world because they allow the individual to express feelings about the act without being instantly refuted by the counselors. However, as society is harmed by every suicide, a pro-suicide approach does not lessen the chance of a suicide and the pro-suicide viewpoint does nothing to obliterate the scourge of suicide when more productive alternatives to the pain exist. If there is to be a concerted attempt to help suicide-inclined individuals with their mental discomfort, more suicide help chat rooms seem like a more appropriate vehicle for suicide prevention.

Suicide Prevention Chat Rooms are Effective for Addressing Problems

Providing suicide help chat rooms is something that will benefit individuals of all ages, as suicide is not limited to the young segment of the population. Groups of all ages and persuasions should inform themselves about the avenues of suicide intervention available to them. Suicide help in the form of a chat room is not limited to active suicide threats; suicide chat rooms online can be used to gather information about suicide including effective suicide prevention even without a crisis situation

Cost and Confidentiality are Plusses in Suicide Chat Rooms Suicide help chat rooms and suicide hotline chat rooms are as useful as they are in part because they are free to use and confidential. They can be used easily from one’s own home either via computer or telephone. They are usually available 24-7 to provide assistance and intervention at all hours. Transportation is not required; that fact levels the playing field such that anyone with access to a PC or Smartphone can have access to help without cost. Accessing a suicide help chat room may be the greatest gift anyone can give to himself.

Use of Chat Rooms Can Save Lives

A suicide prevention chat room or a suicide hotline chat room can make the difference between a suicidal individual having access to help and not having any help. A suicide chat room free help is often a lifeline to a suicidal youth or teen as well as a suicidal adult who has lost her way. Once an individual reaches out to a suicide group, that individual may then be referred to a suicide chat room online for convenience and better accessibility. A suicide prevention chat room may give the suffering individual relief to help him get his life back in gear to overcome the bad spot he has conquered. Much of suicide prevention involves listening and helping the suicidal individual to come to terms with the factor instigating the suicidal thoughts in the first place. That function can be performed by a professional or a lay person who can merely listen to the individual express her feelings and unhappiness. Any suicide threat should be taken seriously and addressed. Suicide threats with an accompanying plan should be taken seriously to the extent that someone should be alerted who can intervene and prevent the act from actually occurring. Despite the absence of a concrete plan, the threat should be taken seriously rather than ignored.

Anonymity is Key to Effectiveness

One of the virtues of a suicide prevention chat room is that all contact is anonymous. Unless a crisis intervention is required to stop an eminent suicide, there is no notice of the contact or record kept of it. Parents are not notified, nor are other authorities. This secrecy enables a young person to seek help when facing the despair of suicide without fear of exposure. This anonymity gives the suicidal individual courage to reach out for help and support.

Suicide Prevention is Being Taken More Seriously

Families and professionals alike are beginning to become acquainted with the benefits of supporting all forms of suicide prevention help. Enabling access to venues who are able to provide reassurance and help to individuals threatening suicide often gives those individuals time to regroup and repair their lives so as to make their suicidal intentions unnecessary. By enabling these chat rooms and other forms of suicide help to exist and prosper, society is fostering a format which provides hope and help to individuals contemplating suicide in a safe, non-threatening format.

Providing Help is Crucial for the Suicidal

Allowing the very desperate to understand that there is non-judgmental help available at their time of need who can efficiently and economically and secretly provide assistance is like throwing a lifeline to the sufferers. Having that help available in the form of suicide chat rooms which can be accessed from the convenience and privacy of the sufferer’s own computer or Smartphone may mean the difference between life and death for a depressed person not wishing to seek help publicly or to get family members involved. If course, if the situation is drastic enough, other interventions may be called for. But in the case of an anonymous cry for help, the online suicide chats are the front line of intervention for a suicidal person in need of counseling and help. These chat rooms should be supported and encouraged as much as possible; few statistics are kept on their efficacy.

Depression Should Be Taken Seriously Where Suicide is Concerned

Greater support should be given to depression sufferers across the board. The suicide of Robin Williams has brought this tragic fact into the limelight and has hit the world in the face with the fact that such a funny person could become so irrevocably despondent. Depression has traditionally carried a stigma with it of mental illness and weakness. Hopefully, the tragic lesson Robin Williams taught the world is that no one, regardless of how silly they are or how happy they seem, is exempt from the ravages of depression.

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