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Uncovering Substance Use Disorder

substance use disorder

Substance use disorder occurs when people rely on addictive substances such as alcohol and drugs in order to get through life. Some people think it is okay to use addictive substances (especially alcohol) in moderation. Other people assume it is normal to use prescribed addictive substance for as long as it takes. Problems arising from substance use disorder range between depression, anxiety, mental illness and chronic diseases.

One of the biggest problems of substance use disorder is that people believe they cannot go on without these substances. Intense cravings, compulsive behaviors and violence are some among the very dangerous characteristics that people suffering from substance use disorder acquire.

Substance Use Help

People can seek help for their substance use problems through visiting their local counseling center. Every local counseling center offers free classes for people struggling with prescription drug addiction, alcoholism and more. Secondly, people can visit local churches. Churches host substance use classes on the weekends as well as acute care and emergency services, health promotion and prevention services that deal with IV drug addicts or prescription drug abusers. These classes and services are free, and organized by the professional church workers.

Substance Use and Misuse

Substance use refers to misusing legal substances and getting addicted to them. For example, becoming dependent on prescription drugs without intervention and monitoring from a qualified healthcare professional is called substance use. Doctors are the only ones qualified to tell their patients how much of each substance they should take on a daily basis. Doctors are also the only ones in charge to stop treatment, taper doses or continue the prescription medication course a bit longer.

Using an illegal substance means people are misusing the substance right from the start. This case is a life-or-death situation.

Substance Use Disorders

Substance use disorder occurs from a substance that you are using on a daily basis. The most common substance use disorder is addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the total number of US overdose deaths resulting from prescription drugs has increased from 2001 to 2013 by 4 folds. There was also a 29% increase in the total number of US overdose deaths involving cocaine. Substance use disorders can result in chronic diseases, too. For example, people who take too many nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can suffer from ulcers in their stomachs. People who smoke marijuana frequently can suffer from long-term memory loss.

There are nine recognized substance-related disorders by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). However, including a substance in this manual is a complex process based on a set of behaviors related to this particular substance.

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Substance Use Disorder Help

The first step on the road to recovery from substance use disorder is to check into a local rehabilitation center. These centers have inpatient and outpatient programs, along with a team that will check up on you everyday to see how you are holding up. Even you finish the treatment program, they rehabilitation center will send a follow-up team to make sure you are doing okay after going into the outside world and being faced with triggers, interpersonal conflicts, high-risk situations and social pressure.

substance use disorder

Substance Use Disorder Journal

The best way to deal with substance use is to start a journal documenting your journey. It does not have to be a fancy notebook but you can make do with the usual yellow sticky notes that most people use on a daily basis.

This journal should be a daily ritual. Write in it each and every day. It should record all the moments when you felt like you were going to fail. It should also mention why you embarked on this dark journey in the first place. Basically, take note of the good days as well as the bad days.

After a year, you can look back at this journal and use it as a road map. It will show you how you handled tough situations. It will provide the answer to some pretty difficult questions.

Some people have a hard time putting this type of journal together. This could be due to a multiple of reasons. Some people are not natural-born writers. Others would be afraid to face themselves with the wrongs and the letdowns. However, in order to overcome this conflict, use your creativity to make best of what you have. You can even start an electronic journal or a channel on Youtube.

You can also communicate online with people who have created this type of journal before. You can get different ideas and immense support. Speak with as many people as possible. This is opens the door for marvelous ideas.


Everyone has taken a different route in order to tame their substance abuse problems. For some people, this means traveling to the end of the earth and ending your addiction cold-turkey. The one thing that people suffering from substance use disorders need to remember is that they are not alone. There are many people all over the world struggling with similar issues. Every person is strong enough to win his/her own battle.

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