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Stories About Bullying

Stories About Bullying

Stories About Bullying, the need for inspiration!

There are few people in the world who do not have stories about bullying. They have been bullied, witnessed bullying or been bold and tried to stop bullying. When reading Stories about Bullying, one must learn a few key factors. One reason more people do not stop bullying; it may bring harm to them. People who try to stop this behavior, unless they are willing to do whatever it takes, they are fighting a lost cause. With Cyber bullying on the rise it is difficult to find a means of prevention. People email and text the cruelest and software helps them hide from prosecution. The legal system is catching up with technology but as with all crimes, culprits are getting smarter. People using the PC must become sharper, developing the same skills as the bully.

Bullying is accepted behavior in some countries. This may be for a punishment or to allow parties to show their disfavor. These common happening go on in schools and city streets all day long. Homeless people are shouted at and called names. They are pushed and teased. Kids have their books knocked down and belongings scattered and torn. Bullying is almost territorial. Groups harass and irritate only certain people and if they are not there it stops for that moment anyway.

People have been known to laugh off bullying. This is only to stop the trouble. Hats, gloves anything is taken and the party of pleading starts. A classic example of bullying is the story of Jackie Robinson. The things he must have endured. This is an interesting case. He had a great deal of self-esteem and had a clear understanding of who he was. Jackie Robinson knew what he was dealing with and he had an extended support system. In essence he was not alone. Lots of people get bullied but they are not alone and they know that.

Bullying can become so severe parents actually try to fight or their kids, physically getting into a brawl. Definitely, not the way to go but it happens. Bullying is promoted in the sports world. Kids are trained to be aggressive, sometimes this goes to excess. Any player not taking on this cloak of crush him is seen as soft and not tough enough and the bullying starts. Maybe along the road of life aggression mutates and turns into bullying, looking for people pick on.

In movies and on jobs there is always a gopher. A top show depicts a guy that does anything his boss says. He is intelligent, articulate and bullied. This seems to be okay in the media. The media caters to the general public. Media gets money from advertisers and they cater to the public. Presently the public accepts bullying.

For some people being bullied, safety is an everyday thought. It is easy to see how someone might become worn and let go. Because bullying is so isolated it is not a priority on most to do list. People who are bullied sometimes simply drop out of sight. They may stop trying or they may find a rejuvenated way of looking at the world. The biggest bully is society itself. Sweet shops and child labor in the early years is a testimony to social bullying. A mindset put in place to maintain the status quo; but like most unsavory elements, it has backfired and is doing way too much damage.

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