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Sadly, cyber-stalking is not an uncommon problem. Many stalkers enjoy harassing teens and even preteens, in the hopes that these young people will be more vulnerable than adults. There are also cases when a couple breaks up and one party (either the ex-husband or ex-wife) stalks the other party. Learn how to Stop Stalking Now!

The good news is that it is possible to stop stalking. Following is an overview of some of a victim’s options.

Stop Stalking: Ignore the Stalker Whenever Possible

Stalkers thrive on attention in all forms. Stalkers can tell if you (the victim) are opening their emails or viewing their instant messages. If you answer the phone when they call, they will get a thrill out of that as well. On the other hand, ignoring a stalker will cause him or her to get bored with the “game” and move on.

One good way to ignore a stalker is to answer an initial chat with a simple “hello” and then move the chat box off the phone screen. Doing so allows you to use your phone (or computer) for other purposes without having to see a stalker’s messages. Delete email messages from the stalker without opening them and do not answer the phone when the stalker calls.

Stop Stalking: Block the Stalker

It is important to note that blocking a stalker is not a foolproof method of getting him or her to go away. Many stalkers will simply get a new email address, phone number and/or open up another chat or social media account and keep harassing you. However, blocking has in some cases proven successful in stopping some stalkers from continuing to harass their victims.

If the stalker is contacting you via social media, report it to the social media website. All social media sites have an anti-stalker policy and will delete the account of guilty parties. You can also block certain email addresses from your email server and certain phone numbers from your phone.

Stop Stalking: Change Your Information

If the stalker is still harassing you, you may need to change your email address and/or phone number. While many stalkers take pleasure in finding out a victim’s new phone number and/or email address, there are measures you can take to prevent someone from obtaining your new information.

One of the best ways to protect your new phone number and/or email address is to be very careful regarding who you give the new information to. You should explain to your close friends why you are changing your information and make it clear to them that they cannot give your information to third parties without your permission.

Stop Stalking: Getting Help

Young people who are being stalked online should tell their parents about it. Not all stalkers stalk victims solely in cyber-space and a violent stalker who is making threats can put the entire family at risk. This is especially true in instances where a stalker knows a person’s phone number and/or other personal information. In fact, a stalker with just a phone number will have little to no problem finding out where you live and which school you go to.

Contacting law enforcement is perhaps one of the most effective ways to stop stalking. Stalking is illegal and police who find a stalker will bring him or her to justice. Once the stalker is caught, ensure that he or she is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Dropping charges against a stalker is very dangerous, as it shows the stalker that you are not serious about deterring him or her. It also leaves the stalker free to go on harassing you and other innocent people.

Stalking is a crime and there is no reason for you to allow a criminal to dictate what you can or cannot do online (or even in real life). Parents should clearly explain to teenagers the nature of stalking and let the teens know that they can get help if they are stalked either in cyber-space or in real life. Ignoring a stalker and/or blocking him or her from gaining access to you are all effective ways of stopping stalking. At the same time, it is also imperative to seek help from law enforcement, especially if the stalker is making threats of physical violence and/or there is a chance that the stalker knows your personal information and would be able to harass you in real life.

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