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Stop Stalking Me!

Stop Stalking Me!

How to Protect Yourself From the Unwanted Attention of a Stalker!

Stalking is a criminal offense and the offender can spend a substantial amount of time in jail if they are found guilty. The individual on the receiving end of the unwanted attention must take immediate actions that scream, “Stop stalking me!”. In some instances, the stalker makes their identity known to the object of their attention. Other times, it is more difficult to discern a stalker’s true identity, especially if they go to great lengths to hide it.

Both men and women can become the victim of a stalker. Statistics report, however, that three out of every four stalking victims are women. No matter what their gender, individuals need to take appropriate measures to protect themselves, if they believe they have an unwanted admirer. Every situation is different and all suspicious activity that could be attributed to a stalker should be reported to the authorities as soon a possible.

Stop Stalking Me!

Be proactive. Stalkers will rarely continue to go after someone they know can adequately defend themselves.

  • Take a martial arts class
  • Join a Neighborhood Watch program
  • Equip your home with an alarm system

Personal protection is the key to safety. Homes can be protected with a quality air system designed to notify the police or fire department if it is breached in any way. When you are away from home, protection is also imperative and can take many forms.

Another adequate way to protect yourself from the unwanted advances of a stalker is to take martial arts or self defense classes. Most dojos offer self defense classes for women geared towards teaching the right maneuvers that will stop an intruder in their tracks and allow you enough time to get away. Staying in good physical shape and practicing the techniques often may keep your stalker at a safe distance.

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If you live in a small community, joining the local Neighborhood Watch will give you the added support of the people who live around you. Watching out for one another makes it easy to spot individuals who are new to the area or don’t have a legitimate purpose for being there.

Stop Stalking Me! : Personal Safety Precautions

Taking precautions can prevent you from ending up in a situation where you have little or no control over the outcome.

  • Do not go out alone
  • Never give out personal information to anyone
  • Protect your internet access

You can also take a variety of personal precautions to make sure stalkers are kept at a distance. An effective way to eliminate the fear of being confronted alone is to travel with a buddy. Take a friend with you when you go to the mall or the store. Walk to your cars in groups when you leave the office or are heading into work in the morning.

One of the most well known and important pieces of advice to be offered is to never give out any personal information unless you know the person. Even then, it should not be given out over the telephone, through a text or email or in written form.

How to say “Stop Stalking Me” Follows below…

When using the internet, remember to change passwords at least twice a month, especially when it comes to email and financial accounts. It makes it harder for stalkers to break into your accounts and many sites have built in features that show you what city a person is in if they try to hack your accounts unsuccessfully. Remember to only use secure internet connections. Avoid using public wi-fi locations if it all possible and have firewalls placed on your laptop and other devices that prevents people from monitoring your internet activity.

If you are being stalked and have notified the police, begin to take precautions immediately. Protecting yourself at all times is the key. The stronger your defenses are the less likely a stalker will continue to envision you as an easy target. When you begin to take proactive, visible measures stalkers don’t normally waste their time on the ones who adequately prepare themselves. It pays to let them know, “Stop stalking me! I won’t be your victim!”

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