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Twelve-Year-Old Girl Beaten Down for Standing Up to Bullies

standing up to bullies

A young girl was beaten severely until losing consciousness; she was first taunted for wearing the “wrong trainers” and then beaten down for standing up to bullies. 

July 23rd, Ivanhoe College in Coalville, Leicestershire. Kattie Morris, a 12-year old student, was confronted by a group of school girls. It wasn’t the first time. They have verbally and emotionally bullied her before. This time, they comment on her trainer; one of them says Katie must have bought it from a charity shop. Katie had enough. One can’t be sure what went on in her head or how she anticipated their reactions, but for a moment there, she couldn’t take it anymore, and she decided to lash back.

“They said I got my stuff from a charity shop and I’d just had enough. I said they got their lives from a charity shop.”

That wasn’t received nicely. The bullies must have felt threatened by Katie’s outburst. They must have felt it’s a dangerous sign that she had finally talked back. They were on shaky grounds and the only way to ascertain their dominance was to take the bullying a step further.

“That’s when they started hitting me. They grabbed hold of my hair on the field and pulled me to the floor. I tried standing up, and when I did they pulled my hair and pushed me back down.”

Katie reports she has in fact tried to fight back, which must have also agitated the bullies. She was pushed onto stinging nettles. They pulled her hair, hit her, and pushed her down every time she tried to get up. She went unconscious only to wake up to a kick in the face, one that has left her mouth and nose bleeding.

Katie ended up with a concussion. Her mother comments,

“When I first saw her, her face was all swollen and her head was covered in bumps. It was absolutely awful, but I had to stay strong in front of her.”

Katie’s mother had to wake her up every two hours to make sure she is conscious. She is still dealing with the psychological aftermath of the attack. Katie doesn’t want to play outside anymore, she’s afraid of kids her age, and her confidence is terribly low. Can you blame her?

On the other hand, the bullies were suspended from school for 3 days, but they were allowed normally to attend a school trip and join regular school activities afterwards, as if nothing happened. Katie’s mother resorted to sharing the footage online in hopes that it might prompt anyone to do anything. She had nowhere else to turn to.

Katie’s mother, along with most of the online community, demand that bullies in such severe cases get punished accordingly. A 3-day suspension is certainly not deterrent enough; a child would even regard it as a holiday. So what do you think should be an appropriate reaction to incidents of cruel physical bullying? And how do we protect our children when standing up to bullies might get them a brutal beat down with no repercussions for the bad kids? Share your take on the story!

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  • Darlene Romero
    Jun 10, 2016 at 10:58 pm

    1 week in Juvenile Hall should do it. They will get bullied and will see how it feels.

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