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Dealing with a Stalker and How to Solve Stalker Issues

how to deal with a stalker

It can be very scary and upsetting to have someone who follows a person around and stalks them continuously. It is even harder to understand how to deal with a stalker because people are not accustomed to stalkers. A stalker is someone who is possibly mentally ill and needs help. These people can turn violent and become very harmful. They often interrupt people’s lives and create lasting hassles that can extend for years. This can bring on emotional issues and depression; it even makes some people paranoid enough to close themselves in their homes for long periods of time. There are some key ways that a person can learn how to deal with stalkers until they are caught or move on. Learning how to be alert, how to recognize stalkers, how to keep a log or journal, when to notify the police, and how to stay safe are some key things that everyone needs to know.

Being alert

Recognizing and understanding the surroundings around a person is an important part of being and staying alert. Knowing who and what is around a person is key to keeping safe and monitoring people that could be harmful. If a person knows what their surroundings are supposed to be like on a normal day, it is easier to recognize something or someone out of the ordinary. Keeping a constant eye on the people that are close by and the buildings or dark shadows near the path of travel is important as well. Being vigilant means to keep watch and be on constant alert.

Recognizing a stalker

Knowing the signs of stalkers is an important part of dealing with one to begin with. A stalker is someone who shows up at work, school, friends, family, or a person’s home unwanted. This person will keep coming back even when told to leave or not to come there. A stalker is a dangerous person and they usually have a mental illness or some other problem that creates their need to stalk others. Someone who constantly calls, visits, or follows someone else could be a stalker. The best way to know if someone is a stalker is if their visits are unwanted. Stalkers comes back time and time again after they have been warned to stay away.

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Keeping a log

When a person feels like they are being stalked, it is very important to keep a written log of dates, times, and occurrences so that the authorities can see how long the problem has been happening and when it occurs. A detailed log will have correct dates and times so that all information is accurate. A notebook or composition book is perfect for keeping a written log. Keep the log on hand at all times so that notes can be jotted down immediately after an incident. Be sure to write down if it was a phone call or a visit in person as well.

Notifying authorities

Once a person is sure that they have a stalker and a detailed log has evidence of unwanted contact, it is time to contact the local police or authorities for help. Showing them the written log will be helpful in proving a stalking case. Most authorities cannot do anything until a person has harmed another so be sure to notify police immediately if any harm has been done. Breaking into a persons home or business is a criminal offense and charges can be added for stalking if occurrences are documented correctly. Authorities may not be able to do much except talk to suspected stalkers in the beginning so staying safe is the responsibility of the person being stalked.

Staying safe

Keeping safe and knowing how to deal with stalkers are important for every person. Stalkers needs to be handled with care because they can be set off when their advances are turned down. Staying as far away from the suspected stalker is the number one thing to keep safe. Going out in public with a group or other people is important. Staying near public places where witnesses can see what happens is also important. Do not leave cars, doors, or windows unlocked because it is enticing to a stalker. Another way to stay safe is to keep a cell phone, mace, a licensed weapon, a voice recorder, or a panic device handy for emergencies.

Handling stalkers is not an easy thing to deal with and sometimes being alert does not keep a person safe. Knowing how to handle emergency situations and how to keep track of unwanted contact is important. Documenting a stalkers attempts for contact helps authorities see the frequency and pattern that a stalker presents. Dealing with stalkers is very difficult and proving the crime is even harder to do.

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