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Stalker Definition

Stalker Definition

Despite stalking being such a common part of modern society, many parents still struggle to find a stalker definition that makes sense. It can be hard to deal with a problem like stalking when parents don’t have a proper definition of the term. Fortunately, it isn’t very hard to define.

According to the University of Missouri at St. Louis, stalking is defined as a repeated pattern of harassing, threatening or unwanted behavior that is committed against another person. Acts that constitute stalking can include following, harassing over the telephone, sending inwanted gifts and similar behaviors. Anti-stalking laws have been passed in every state in the US. These statutes can have all sorts of different definitions for stalking included in them. Most of these laws define the behavior as “the willful, malicious, and repeated following and harassing of another person that threatens his or her safety”

Stalker Definition

What is a good stalker definition that describes most people who commit this sort of behavior? Men are most commonly thought to be stalkers. Studies show that four out of every five stalking victims happen to be female. Stalking most commonly happens between people who are familiar with one another. Statistics show that only one fourth of all the women who get stalked are stalked by people they don’t know. Only one third of male stalking victims get stalked by people they would classify as being strangers. It is usually a former or current boyfriend who stalks most women stalking victims.

Are Domestic Violence and Stalking Related?

Most of the women who are victimized by stalking from their former and current boyfriends report that they were assaulted physically by these partners. One third of these women also reported that they were sexually assaulted by these partners. These statistics seem to counter public opinion. Battered women are at the most risk for being victimized by stalkers.

What Are Common Stalking Behaviors?

Stalking is a term that includes a wide variety of malicious behavior. The most common behavior reported by victims includes being spied upon, being followed and being watched while at home or work. Many victims report that they have received unwanted telephone communication from the stalkers. Some even report receiving unwanted letters or gifts. The women who ae stalked by batterers say that they have been hamed, had mail stolen from their mailboxes and been violently threatened and harassed.

Are Stalking Victims In Danger Of Being Harmed?

There are different statistics when it comes to stalking victims being harmed. Most of the battered women surveyed report to being threatened with violence. A NVAW study reported that only half of the women victimized by stalking reported to being directly threatened by their stalkers.

Does Mental Illness Play A Part In Stalking?

Most stalkers aren’t psychopaths. Some may suffer from depression and loneliness. They might have trouble forming relationships with people. They could feel unloved and abuse drugs and alcohol. Many have personality disorders. If stalking does turn violent it is uaually because of the rejection of the victim. Stalkers may have trouble understanding this rejection. That’s why it is so important for people suffering from being stalked to confront the person doing the stalking. They need to clearly lay out why they aren’t interested in having a relationship and tell the stalker to stop all communication.

Do Women Report Stalking To The Police?

An NVAW study found that over half of the women who felt they were being victimized by stalkers reported this behavior to the police. However, only 13 per cent of the people who reported that they told the police about the problem said that these cases were prosecuted criminally. Police are more likely to arrest stalkers in cases where the victims are female. They are also more likely to refer these female victims to agencies for counseling and support than they are to refer male victims.

Stalker Definition : How Can Stalking Be Handled?

Stalking is a serious problem that requires direct action from the victims. Many people can deny that the stalking is a serious problem. They might choose to ignore it. However, there is always potential that the situation can get serious. Although most stalking doesn’t turn harmless, people need to be ready for any emergency. They should take steps to protect themselves. The easiest way to do this is to take self-defense classes and be prepared for any threat. Just knowing the proper things to do in an emergency can make a huge difference and help victims to feel safer and more confident.

Stalkers are people who get obsessed with other people. Many times, people who aren’t stalkers can get classified as such. It’s important to treat these people as human beings until the behavior gets out of hand. Being prepared is important.

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